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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2069582
A adventure story, filled with twists and turns, and thrilled with turns and twists.
brought in from a darkened glow, it enters this space. Another lasting load, filled this already overly populated dark dank, airy dream world of foolish abandonment. Illustrious, lightning saturated pockets of hidden space.

The wood was consumed as the dark betrayed its ambiance. Life knew not the lightning fast response of this almost beyond sight visual cortex. A mind that lost its iridescent glow, to the snow which inhabited it's place.

Just beyond the feeling of touch, and without the ability to embrace, charlotte, took her staff and pocked away at the dream. In order to help it along towards her. That it may come closer to here. That she may gaze upon it.

Just then Johnny, shouted, "Charlotte, you must come to me. Not a presence known! Do not lay a heavy foot step, for they will know".

Charlotte always full of everything. A buckle on the creative life essence of spring. Was a funny thing. She would hop from, so careful, to completely abrupt and then to loud without a care, and back to very careful. She walked hastily, without this she would have been caught for sure.

At the edge of the glass eye crystal, with that in mind. Charlotte got to where she was going. About 700 feet from johnny and shouted

"I can't take it, tell me now!"

To Johnny's almost surprise, an taken aback. He shockingly also shouted! Which by the way woke the Grumbleforth

"You crazy girl, its guarded by a Grumbleforth"

Which was now entirely pointless, as that Grumbleforth. So sleepy yet so angry. Was almost upon Charlotte

For all her callus shouting had awoken, with jonny's help, the Grumbleforth.

"I almost had it Johnny"

Charlotte exclaimed

"and you" she, screwed her face, at Johnny with great distaste

"I know, you did. But you where standing on his nose Charlotte. One move and you'd have been gobbled up!"

She stepped to one side, grasped at the snow, and threw it in Johnny's face, "I don't care, you made me miss it"

Charlotte, had a way about her. Johnny always loved it. So abrupt, so cute. She would go off in to her own little moods, and every time she would look so cute when she did. Johnny was almost always the cause. They spent so much time together, always up to no good and always for adventure.

But this time adventure had found them and the Grumbleforth, was oh so close on their heals, they had to move.

"Charlotte, leave this place, its going to get us for sure"

"Johnny you silly boy! Do you not think I would come prepared"

She lifted her staff

Jonny exclaimed judgingly "that's not your staff, where did you steal it from" he gasped in shock "you took that from maganigul, didn't you!!!"

"I, I wouldn't do anything of the sort, what do you take me for Johnny" a little protruding smile displayed across Charlottes lips a slight sarcastic grin, "well its now mine"

she uttered the words

With the light of Silver Moon
With the last I give to thee
To battled sprawn, 1 battled beast and the seas of the forgotten sea

With the sight of the seen I tell
I long for them to know
Take this beast from within my sight
and without it it must go

And with a load shout Charlotte proclaimed to the sky

"tom tell weyen"

The wind moaned, and the sky bent an beaconed. Lights and clouds melded and swirled for the light grew dark. So dark in fact that the grumbleforth, fell over while hitting several trees on its way. No one of the 3, the Grumbleforth, Charlotte or Johnny, could see where they were going.

"Charlotte what have you done" said Johnny. What was that! "Nothing Johnny, just nothing"

With a wisp of blue light, not unlike that of a wisp. masterfully she came to the skies, "impetus child what have you done" the witch Maganigul came from out sight.

The doorway, through closed behind her. The sky ablaze became red with lasting lights. They peered through as if from another world, and the life force from that world, began to singe the trees with a great fiery heat. A heat which no one, would have known. For this light red with the glow of flame at such degree, came from a land not seen in this place, ever before.

For Charlotte without the knowledge! Had a cross to bare. She, descendant of Tolraich the mighty slayer of life. Had made this rage, from past essence. The burning from inside this kiln, left sight filled embers, coursing through its retina. Without the haste and speed of Maganigul. This burning, thrashing, lasting hell. Would spread across the land of midnights howl. Like a beast untamed by hate and grievance once more.

"You don't know what you have done child. It slept for so long and you, you've let it out. Set it free"

The light and the dark, from within the crystal at Silvermoons Dip. The Grumbleforth and the witches an wizard, looked out on to a scene of this devastation to behold. With amazement shock and terror. What was to become of them. What would they find or be?
find out in part 2 of this exciting adventure
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