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a documentary of the ciy and historica aspect
I am an indian girl born and brought up in kolkata, the city of joy. it is one of those cities which are a fusion of western and eastern cultures.On one hand there are huge british monuments like the Victoria and the Fort William, and on the other there are the belur math, jorashsko, shahid minar. But kolkatans give both cultures the same level. they love visiting victoria and they also visit the shahid minar with the same enthusiasm. kolkatans actually are soulfully related to history, the trams, the taxis, the buses infact the whole city has a touch of history to it.

the most common vehicles on the roads are the Tanga rickshaws ..........reflecting the antique flavour of kolkata.
the old houses, buildings, stations have a very significant role in the pages of indian history as the stand as the witnesses of the british rule in india for almost 200 years.
there is a unique smell in the air which takes one back to the days gone by.

some typical features of kolkata are the tea stalls on the roadsides, the bustling of vehicles, the crowded streets ,the horns of trams and the loving people. the howdah, hugli bridges stand as the most iconic creations in kolkata as one travelling over them sees the mighty GANGA flowing at its pace. one's heart is also fascinated to see boats being rowed ont the river kids taking a dip in it.

kolkatans were, are and will be religeous by nature and so they gather in places like dakhineshwar, belur to feel nearer to all mighty.

Durga Puja is the most awaited festival of kolkata, as preparation sfor it start months ago with the making of idols

then in the puja the idol is soulfully worshipped as the daughted of bengalis

the dhunuchi dance is a must which adds to the joy of the season

then on the last day of the festival the idol is immersed and women indulge in sindur khela getting red colors on the face.

Many of the philosophers of who rewrote history were from kolkata.
the first name has to be RABINDRANATH TAGORE
who is regarded as one of the best poets and artists of his time. He was born in jorashanko in kolkata which is now a historical building of kolkata.

nextly the philosopher Vivekekananda ,who made hinduism introduced to the world was also the son of kolkata

they immortal kolkatan soldier who fought for his motherland tirelessly was Netaji

so my cty kolkata has always been a glorious part of the pages of history and has created history by retaing the essence of it intact in this period of advancement.

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