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Written on my child's first birthday.
You are the panacea in the fleeting moments we have

Before I fall broken and blinded, you are that other half

That I need to sustain the colliding outer edge,

Or possibly the internal wedge

like waves in the middle of a dark and stormy sea,

You save me from myself. I am free…

Brooklyn, I’ll say it again and again. You are the key.

Baby Brooks, from five apples tall, to a yard,

your efflorescence has me bewildered and in awe

I’m gripping at my fingertips, but I am without claws.

Time traveled in a flicker before I fared to realize,

And so the world conflates as I say my last goodbyes…

To your first year.

Your cry, it is compelling, lyrical and wholesome

Your grunts they are playful and silly, and oh so golden.

Your coos, are mellifluous, and I am at my knees.

Your smell, it is redolent of lilies and sweet peas

Your dance is lilt, unguarded and unpretentious

Your laugh, sensational and simply precious

Your touch, it is magnificently inquisitive.

And your eyes, chatoyant and infinitive.

My blank sheet of paper is now brilliant and colorful

It was all because of you, because you are so so wonderful.
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