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interpretation of the abundance of, or rather nothingness left available, of opportunity
So many faces, out in this world, all tussling all wanting, hoping for acceptance, to be seen and heard.
So many faces that all hope for the best and wonder, and fight, and fear, and look, far to hard to impress. While never to digress, the inner hate for the pain felt, while all time, has been spent getting to a place they never arrive.

So many faces all seeing the world, there own little sections, there own little slices.
So many feeling, so many more, all feeling each second, all seldom to regain a path towards anything better then this.
So many smiles, so many frowns, so many..

We all want to be where the 1 percent is. that 70 million, more then enough to take all the spaces we want for our own.
So many faces, yet little, spaces.

93 thousand + authors on this one site, millions of sites in existence. how many of which are so distant from the 1 percent

So many faces, with knowledge do see, the fickle case, of insensitivity.
For the hight's of success, do not apply to we.

So many faces, all realize at once.
So many faces, see, what has always been there?
So many faces, long for a release, to feel at peace, and sit in peace.

So many faces decomposing from the strain, they reached there inner piece, but not until the grave.
Release will come to so many faces, but not on this earth!!!
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