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adjective. deprived of the power of sensation. verb. deprive of feeling or responsiveness.
Why am I not cold?
Why is it you that I want to hold?

How can you make me happy and green?
Then sorrowful and blue?

Do you know the power you posses over my feelings and thoughts?
I met you and realized, maybe I'm not as numb as I thought.

Are you numb, or do you just pretend well?
Would I be apart of your wishes at the wishing well?

When you look into the sky and see the stars and the moon,
Do you wish that it was I that was looking up with you?

I love you.
I know that I love you.

The way you look at me.
Deep like your voice when you speak to me.

Dreaming of you makes my tongue tied.
I have to learn to become numb again though, for you lied.

You lied like the rest.
It was you that permit me in believing you were better than the rest.

I thought you were the best.

I was blindfolded.
I refuse to now be blindfolded.

You, you are different, but not eccentric;

Contemplating now, on why I ever fell for you.

Your slick tongue will be the death of you.
This paralyzed feeling that's becoming of me will be the death of you.

You say that you're sorry, but how could I believe you now?
I thought we had 5 happy months down.

I'm numbing now, becoming cold with every step since this day.
Anticipating when you remember the days before such day.
I'm now living in a stupefied daze.
Soon, our "togetherness" will be times you daydream on your cold, winter like days.
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