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verb. (of a person) fit in a specified place or environment
70s babe
70s dope.

I just want peace and blow dope.

Some people love it..
While others have hope.

Have hope that I'll change and be,
Synonymous as everyone else in 2015.

Lacking originality,
Conforming to society.

They want to be accepted.
Can I blame them?

I don't mind being neglected,
Why won't they accept me?

They notice that I'm different.
It intrigue some, scare others away.

I don't mind it.
I accept me.
I love me.

Counterfeit love.
False happiness.

Those around me,
afraid to show what they actually feel inside.

Gucci loafers and Versace purses.
iPhone with 200 unread messages, 1000+ instagram likes and a bunch of twitter mentions.

Feeling empty inside,
they abandon to mention.

I feel flawless though,
with all of my "weird" ways.

I love to LSD trip,
and sniff cocaine.

They say "you're crazy, I'm going to pray for you."
Worshiping in a religion in which they don't even believe in.

They say I'm in a daze,
and that in reality it's all about being "paid".

However, I just tend to desire the things that money can't get you.
Without money, we would register what love, peace and unity can really get you.

Green backs have issued us nothing more than bullets in backs.

Maybe I don't belong here.
How will I get back?

Back to when there was war all around us and we yearned for nothing but peace.
And there was nothing but opportunities in the air and no one could hang fire to take a sniff.

Tell me to "get back to reality",
Just accept that our "reality" is much different.

I don't belong in this day and age,
and I'm just attempting to make the best of this living.

Fall in love with your benjamin's and washington's,
While I'm truly falling in love with the thought of living in the 70s.
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