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a lost of a family house is nothing compared to what Ovim lost nine years ago..

After the Sea Storm

     The night before New Year's and all through the house... nothing was stirring – especially the humans there. They just stood there staring at what used to be their home. A Sea Storm attacked the City of Heavic only a few hours ago. And it only lasted a few minutes, but within that time it destroyed almost the entire city.

     That Sea Storm partially destroyed seven other cities. As it advanced inland it started to die. Each city that got hit got less destroyed than the last. Heavic was the only one who got completely destroyed. Probably because it’s the nearest one to that part of the seas.

     A couple of hours after that Sea Storm struck rescue came to help with the survivors. Help arrived from all over the planet of Lindom to assist. What they needed most was Medical, Construction, supplies and shelter. They got all that thanks to the four nearby, two per side, cities on either side of Heavic.


     Ovim and his family survived the Sea storm in the Storm Shelter beneath their house. Most, if not all, the Heavicians probably survived that way too. Getting out of that shelter once the storm passed was another problem. Thanks to the destruction the Ovim family got trapped in there.

     “I think I just heard something,” said Vivia. Vivia held the title of youngest at age nine.

     Cuddling next to Vivia, holding her tight, sat her big brother, age sixteen, Addin. “I heard it too.”

     “It sounds like Construction,” said Ovim. “I think we are about to be rescued.”

     Brendi, age twelve, just came in from another room. She had a hot pot of food she carried in her thick gloved hands. “Did I hear you correctly? Rescue is almost here.”

     It only took rescue a few minutes later before Ovim’s family got rescued. Now they stood in what remained of their house. Each one of them is in a different part of those remains. Ovim searched through his Sleeping Quarters. Vivia walked around her Play House. Brendi stared at what’s left of Food Preparation. Addin stood in the Living Area.

     Ovim looked up. Our Sleeping Quarters should be on the second floor.

     Scooping down Ovim picked up an Image Frame. He could barely see an image of him at a younger age – with a young female in his embrace. My Lover. I forgot I even had this image of you before your Birth Death nine years ago.

     He had been holding back his tears, but now Ovim couldn’t hold them back any longer. Ovim started crying. First I lost you, and now I everything that reminds me of you – except for our children. He could see all three of them from where he stood.


     Addin lifted up what little remained of a Media Monitor to eye level. I am going to miss you most of all. The times we spend together. Especially when it was just you and me.

     After putting the Media Monitor back down Addin continued looking through the Living Area. Something shiny catches his eyes. Frantically he rapidly rummages through the damage – to find a Small Media Monitor. I spent a lot of time with you too. You are so small I could take you anywhere. Of course, that smallness made watching my favorite media harder to do. It did make it easier to watch what I shouldn’t be watching though.

     My Portable Media Receiver. So this is where you have been hiding for several months. I thought I lost you somewhere. Either that or one of my sisters hid it from me. Addin tried to turn it on. He put it up to his ear. Then started moving around to it. Just what I thought. It’s gone too. Everything is gone.


     Brendi walked over to part of the house still intact. Beneath that partial wall used to be where the Food Preparation Equipment laid. The machines I used for preparing food for our family is almost completely gone. There’s nothing left of the Center Food Preparation Table either.

     She backed up. As she did Brendi almost fell over a chair from the eating table. Which was totally destroyed now. We always ate as a family. I guess mother started it, and father continued it after she passed away. It was the only time we spend as a family – especially at this time of year.


     Vavia still couldn’t believe what happened to their Play House. The look of shock on her face said it all. Adden and father built this together when Adden was about my age. Brendi got it from Adden when he got older – and outgrew it. I got it a couple of years ago when Brendi felt she was getting too old for it too. We still play there together, at least we did, but Brendi would rather spend time with her friends, and boys, than her.

     What happened to all of my dolls, stuffed animals and playsets? It’s all gone. Vavia had removed all the damage around the center of the Play House. This is where they should be. They were all here for a party when that stupid storm hit us. Now there is nothing. Where did they all go?

     After going over the Play House again Vavia started looking in the backyard where it used to be. It was so hard to find anything, even to walk, because of all the damage that Sea Storm caused. I’m not going to find them here. If they are here I can’t find them.


     Adden, Brendi and Vavia had just joined their father in his Sleeping Quarters. “Happy New Year father.” They all said, sort of, together.

     “Thanks kids, but I don’t think anyone in this city is going to be celebrating New Year’s this year.” Ovim kept staring at that Image Frame of him and his Lover. For auld lang syne, my dear,
For auld lang syne.

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