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by LiszyK
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2070081
This poem I wrote is about my spiritual relationship and all the bumps along the way:)
If I could sketch you a picture of what I once was...
It would be scary and twisted and full of my flaws
A mess of shattered pieces alight on the floor
crying out to be wanted , to be loved, to be more

A tangle of emotions: my fears doubts and fails
Unbeknownst, you were there, refilling my sails
It was a triage of let-downs and trying to stay sane
A house built on sand, as you poured down your rain

A life torn by prides and marred by angers
Days filled with lifeless and pointless plunders
A path twisted, curved, and morosely bent
A heart marred by hate and equally spent

Days trapped inside without much of a view
A life shaded, hidden, and torn from you
I lost my way and my light, got stuck in the dark
But you were always there, you relit my spark

Now these angry wounds can try harder to heal
As I rest in your presence, your grace, your appeal
No, my life isn't ending, rather starting anew
Because you've seen my pain, all that I've been through

You saw all my worries, my hopes, my blues
But what turned them all around? It was always you
You set my heart beating again
You lit that fire, that passion, and then

You tell me you've loved me, and have ever since
So dear Lord I trust you, my life in your hands
You correct my paths, put my head on straight
You cry and laugh with me, I rest in your embrace


As for my life, do with it what you like, mold it as you will
For I trust in the Lord or mercy, before, forever, and still.

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