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A letter to her parents about her first year of SpaceSchool.

Dear 2015:

I am writing this letter in the hopes you might read it. You didn’t read any of my other letters I had sent you in the past year – or if you did you didn’t write me back. Why didn’t you keep in touch with me?

I’m living with five others – two females and three males. We each had our own Sleeping Chambers. They were all eleven too.

You’re not going to believe this, but they already want us to know what our future careers were going to be. We just got here, and they expect us to know what we were going to be diding the rest of our lives.

They had already started handing out grades. That’s not a problem for me because I am a good student, but if I ever did get a bad grade I would in big trouble.

I had some pretty good Instructors this year. They were all very strict, but they were fair too. I’m not sure, but I think they all liked me.

Each one of us had our own Counselor. They were there to guide us. To advise us and help us anyway that they could. I’ve needed a lot of advice thanks to you.

There was no tolerance when it comes to stealing. We had a problem with that this year, and no it wasn’t me. He was finally caught. It wasn’t one of the students. The thief turned out to be a member of the crew.

They also wouldn’t forgive cheating either. I hadn’t didne it, but I had helped a few others who did it though. Which meant that I got into trouble for diding it too. I’m surprised they didn’t contact you about it.

I did pretty good on all of my test this year. I’m considered an average student. I’ve got a couple of good subjects, but I’ve got a few I’m not very good at. I hadn’t failed any of them, but I had gotten close on some.

Didn’t panic, like you would anyway, but I had started seeing someone here. He’s a little older than me at fifteen, but he likes me, and there weren’t too many here that did – especially the boys.
You didn’t have to worry about me when it comes to my safety – like you would. The Security on SpaceSchool was the best. They had patrols walking around everywhere at all times.

There weren’t supposed to be any ex-criminals here, but there was one this year. I didn’t think she did anything too serious, but whatever it was she got caught – and punished.

I made a few friends here. Janni and Tiene were my age, but Chaud was a year older than us. You didn’t have to worry about him, like you would, because he’s not a threat to us. He likes girls, but he likes boys more.

We didn’t spend all of our time studying or working on Home Studies. There was a lot of time we had to ourselves, and there were lots of places we could go to relax.

It’s not just humans, or humans from the planet of Pollis, but there were several different Alien races attending school here. That didn’t bother me, but I’m sure it will you. Was that why I hadn’t heard from you since I got here?

Some of what we did here was dangerous. We didn’t just learn from books – we also learned by example. I had gone on several off-ship guided tours. Most weren’t dangerous, but all of them could be.

I had helped out some of my fellow students when I could. It usually meant helping those older than me. I’m not very good at most of my studies, but there’s a few. I was more than willing to help those who need it.

There were a lot of different jobs on the SpaceSchool, and we
got the chance to try a lot of them. Since this was my first year here I didn’t get the chance to try too many of them, but by the time I leave I’ll know it all.

At least once a week we had fire drills. There wasn’t any while I was there, according to older student there hadn’t been one in years, we still had them.

SpaceStorms were a different matter. Once again we didn’t encounter any this year, but we could have. They wanted us prepared – just in case. SpaceStorms could be very deadly.

I’ve already told you about the field test I went on, but they weren’t the dangerous ones. Of course, I shouldn’t have gone on any of them since I didn’t have permission from you to do so – or did I?

You didn’t have to worry about me, like you would anyway, when it comes to eating. The food here was very good, and they let us eat pretty much what we wanted – unless it’s just sweets.

As you know the spaceship we’re on was quite old. Each year they had a fundraiser to raise funds to improve it. That’s another reason why I’m writing this letter to you – even though I knew you wouldn’t help them.

I just finished my last test of the year, and I think I did pretty good with it, but even if I didn’t I could always make it up if I needed to – or if I wanted to try for a better score.

The biggest problem I had this year was with the Alien races who go here too. I didn’t have any problem with them, but there was a lot of people who did. It got pretty bad.

That’s all I could think of at the moment. I could probably come up with a lot more, but why should I. You probably didn’t even read past the first paragraph. The new year was about to begin, and I want to know if I could come home. Please let me come home.

Your very sad daughter, {/center}


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