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A note to the past year
Dear 2015,

You were good to me, better than all of the other years I’ve experienced. You were not dramatic but I’ve reached an age where I prefer a smooth ride in a convertible to the hills and valleys of a rollicking roller coaster. The drama I seek now is created in my head and I don’t miss the turbulent years of my twenties and thirties.

Looking back at the expanse of time we spent together, I’m amazed at how quickly those twelve months passed. One week melted into the next, not differing much from the previous one, except perhaps a change in weather.  Time slipped through my fingers, washing away many of the goals I set when we first met, although not all.

At the risk of sounding nostalgic, let me tell you this. I will miss you—very much. You were a happy year. You were the year I began to write and record my thoughts. You taught me to believe in myself and my abilities. Thanks to you, I decided to pursue my dream of painting full time and I turned in my notice. You were a year I made very little money but spent more time doing things I loved.

You encouraged me. You were the year I realized my dream of traveling to and painting in France, and for that I’ll be eternally thankful. Winning two very competitive awards gave me the courage to quit my day job and focus on art, and I am grateful to you for that. I’m more realistic about my goals than I was in the past, but winning ribbons bolsters the spirit and releases the muse.

Thanks to you, and the time we spent together, I am excited about 2016 and the myriad of possibilities it offers. I can honestly say I wouldn’t feel the same if I hadn’t met you and experienced all you had to offer. So this is not a sad good bye; it is a thank you note, written by a woman who is sincere when she tells you I’m better for having known you.

Although it’s time to move on, I certainly won’t forget you and all the wonderful surprises you heaped upon me. They prepared me for the coming year and I think that’s the best compliment a year can receive. So please, my dearest 2105, don’t be sad that we’ll never meet again. I’ll hold your memory close to me and treasure it, as I have so many other years.

Our time together was wonderful, and I wish I could say you were the best year ever, but I believe that year is still to come, so take comfort in the knowledge that you helped me grow as a writer, an artist and a human being. And that’s no small thing, is it?

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