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This marks a place on my journey
The Pregnant full moon
Struggles to get her belly over
The thick copse of evergreens.
Cedars, pines, spruce, and hemlock
Protect the Celestial Secrets buried
Deep in leaf mold hidden
Among the clumps of thick brush.

A place known well and frequented by
Little animals who celebrate loudly
When at last with a great sigh
She enters our valley with grace.

Shadows are pierced
By sharp lances of silvery light.
She is most radiant against the Horizon
Echoing sunrise from a place of subtlety.

A place of wispy veils
And silver lit Secrets
Waiting for just enough light
Of just the right color
To paint magic pictures
On Stones. plants and hearts.

Her pictures are muted
But bold and bright
Enough to last forever!

She is unable to over power the sun,
Giving us instead,
Large greedy gulps
Of her unique essence,
She feeds us with a an infusion of energy.

The Moon drags her satin sheets
Across my naked skin hiding
My ignorance as I wander
Fitfully through the darkness below.

She walks beside a clump of moon flowers
Dancing in celebration of her arrival.
Full white petticoats shimmer
In a cool cloud of honey-sweet, essence.

Watching them intently
She sweeps one by one
Off their feet to clutch
Tightly to her breast.

“Moon scent lingers in my nostrils as I breathe.
Unfortunately I know that when the sun shines
Her flowers will wilt. sag, and die.
Goodbye my beautiful friends.

In a magic moonlight dance
She shimmers across the face of the earth.
Beneath her feet the stones
Inhale her energy of subtle colors.

They store it, mimic it then
Radiate it to be seen by all
Who share the experience
Of A Moonstone resting
In the palm of their hand.

Moon light gracefully dances
Over to brother Labradorite
"dark-of-the-moon stone (TM)"
More spectacular perhaps than
his Rainbow White sister.

Both capture the hearts
Of anyone who touches one.
It is an experience never
To be forgotten.

The Moon smiles one last time
Her work is finished
She waits patiently for another night
“There will be more Blossoms
And many more Stones”
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