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Define it, Mr. Cosby.
I remember watching an interview with Bill Cosby. It started out swimmingly: Cosby's wife sitting next to him, everything going fine. But then, towards the end of the interview, the reporter asked Cosby about the recent allegations of sexual assault. Cosby said something to the effect of, "We don't talk about that. Where is your integrity, asking me about such a thing?" The whole time, his wife was sitting there, smiling pleasantly.

If I was sitting in a room with Bill Cosby, I would not feel safe.

The reporter immediately backed down. He apologized for asking about the allegations. So, once again, Cosby was able to intimidate- and therefore silence- a reporter.

I really hope today that his victims are able to feel some remote sense of closure. I am simultaneously elated and enraged by this news.

Hopefully, less victims of sexual assault will feel ashamed of what happened to them, or pressured into hiding the incident. Hopefully they’ll feel able to talk about the assault to someone.

And hopefully, more journalists will have the courage to express that truth, too.

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