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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2070283
At the first chime of the New Year was heard another murder takes place.

The First Murder of the New Year

     Borria stood over the first murder of the New Year in the Community of Lamdim on the planet of Forith. It had happened every year for the last sixty years at the first chime of the New Year. “I can’t imagine a worst feeling that could happen to a whole Community than this, and I have a great imagination. They know that the death is going to happen, when it happens, and somewhat where it’s going to take place – and there is nothing they can do to stop it.”

     “They also know that the killer will be discovered, but they don’t know when. It could take an entire year before that happens, and the family/friends of the victim have to continue to live during that time, but the killer is caught,” said Idin. He scooped down to start his examination.

     “It doesn’t really help them to know who the killer is, but it does the Community.” Borria began checking out the room that first murder got found in. “There isn’t much in here this year to help us. Which means she was killed somewhere else and placed here.”

     “That doesn’t surprise me. Ever since we were brought into this yearly mission that is what has happened to the victim.” Idin had a small metal cylinder in his hand. He used it to sweep the body from head to toe. Once completed he placed the lighted end of it, that pulsated on and off during the sweep, into a small squared box with a hole in its center that holds the cylinder.

     Borria picked up a burnt piece of paper. She looked at both side. Each side had writing on it. “I might have found something useful.”

     Idin removed the cylinder. Then turned it over to look at a screen that covered almost all of it. “According to this her name was Viana.” Idin said that as he walked toward Borria. “What have you got?”

     “It has a series of numbers on one side, and several individual names on the other.” The side with the numbers he had face up when he said it, and the individual names when he said that. Borria gave the paper to Idin.

     After examining the paper Idin said, “Any idea what this means.”

     “Not even one, but I’m sure it’s related to the death of Viana.” Borria accepted the paper back from Idin. “Do you know the reason for the death of Viana.”

     “It’s the same as all the other: A slow acting poison,” said Idin. “It took Viana several months to die, and she didn’t even know she had it.”

     “It also means whoever is responsible has been doing this for several months,” said Borria. “What I don’t understand is how they can do it so that they die exactly when they want them to die.”

     “I have always wondered about that too,” said Idin. “Why haven’t we talked about that before? We talk about everything else related to these murders. Why not this?”

     Borria thought about that for a minute as she continued looking around that room. “I don’t know why either.”

     “Do you have anything else to look at?” Idin asked.

     “Nope, I think we are done here. Do you think we should talk to her family and friends? After all, like all the others she was a female child,” said Borria.

     “Of course, we need to contact them – but there’s no need to question them about her. The killer is never anyone they knew,” said Idin.

     “I agree,” said Borria. “Let them get started on the rest of their lives without her. The first year is always the hardest. Everywhere you turn you see her – especially during the good times. It gets a little better after that, but not much.”


     As Idin and Borria headed down the stairs from the floor of a small Sleeping Room they continued to talk. “What I think everyone wants to know is who is really behind all of these killings, and why it’s only female children who are being killed.” Idin said that.

     “Maybe we will find all that out when we catch this killer, and we will find out who it is. We have the last eleven years since we were given these murders,” said Borria. “I just hope it doesn’t take almost fifteen months to solve this one too.”

     Just after they leave that old abandoned, but still looking pretty good, house Idin, then Borria, turned around and looked at it. “I don’t think it’s going to take that long this year,” said Idin as he pointed at the house. “That house, and the piece of paper we found, is going to tell us who the killer is this time.”

The Word Count, including this line, is 803.

© Copyright 2016 PureSciFi - And the Oscar goes (spacefaction at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2070283