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How can we measure time?
I've written in my journal again tonight. It's January 1st, 2016---New Year's Day. It felt odd to write the year as 2016. Time has more to it than the even division of seconds, minutes, and hours. Time is a created thing. God created everything. Dirt, trees, stars, and animals exist because God created them. It seems easy to understand that, because the Bible clearly and repeatedly states this.

Unfortunately, the first chapter of Genesis leaves out a lot of information, and it becomes easy to imagine God sitting on a cloud pointing his finger and "Trees go there, desert belongs over here." Before any of that came framework items: space, time, matter, mass, energy, and the laws of physics. The Big Bang was possible under the laws of physics, and God didn't have to place His finger on the start button for it to occur. He created the laws that allowed for the Singularity. He used an earlier start button.

Which brings me back to 2016. Time is mutable in the hands of God. He can remove us from the stream of time itself, allowing more or less time to pass to suit the situation. If 2016 is measured using the fixed measures of minutes, hours, days, and months, the numbers are precise. Yet the amount of time that passes for us personally isn't quantifiable. God can and does alter our place in the time stream. This results in phrases like " I thought it was later," or " The time just flew away." Perhaps, next time that thought occurs, you might not be metaphorical.

In this way, as in all ways, God is over all things. Again.
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