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Prompt for the Winter Cup
Prompt for: Jan 4, 2016 (Fyn)
Subject or Theme: Write about some aspect of one of the Greek or Roman myths. It can be one of the gods or a mythic creature from Greek or Roman mythology.

Word(s) to Include: ancestor, myth, elder. (or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): The gods have declared no forbidden words! (or any derivatives, compound or hyphenations of these words)
Additional Parameters: At least 28 lines, rhyming or not – up to you.

The Royal Steeds of Neptune

Once, in mythic times, we in concert,
pulled the great pink shell of Neptune
across the Salted Kingdoms.
We rode the foamy brine,
hooves rearing above the thundering surf.
The ancestors, nay, the stallion kings,
swim now in skybowl overhead,
forever far removed
yet never forgotten.

Neptune granted us the best of those creatures
confined to rocky shore and, lest they be jealous,
hid us deep within the womb of the world.
For we, my cousins and I, have the head of the wild mustangs
that gallop freely across the rocky shores,
the prehensile tail of the monkeys
who cavort in jungle canopy
where no mere man can traverse
and the pouch of the regal kangaroo,
where even now, my mate carries our young.
He, the protector of tomorrow, keeps them safe.

My mate and I glide across our coral kingdom.
We breathe the same waters.
We inhale the elixirs of life
side by side. We feed constantly
else voracious hungers consume us.

Still regal, as were the elder ones,
our crests define us each individually:
no two of us have matching crowns.
Neptune, lord of us all, gave these to us
that we never forget our noble lineage.

Eons have passed,
a mere blink of an eye
to gods on high.
A herd of thoroughbreds,
we graze ‘til Neptune calls.

For call he will when the conch is blown,
when he and his brothers ride the tsunami wave,
when Jupiter, Pluto and he reach
their glorious conjunction and they are once again
aligned. Then we, too, shall rise, ever to answer
the call of the gods.


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