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A poem about the futility of New Years Resolutions
Here it comes again,
The glasses clinked, washed,
Put away.
Balloons popped,
Kiddies back to school.
This year it will be different,
You say,
As you write your book
Of resolutions,
The paper fresh, untorn,
Not yet vandalised
With doodles
Of cream cakes,
Cracked hearts.
Time spreading before you
Like a washed sheet-
This time the answers will appear
Before you,
Lined with gold
As last years indiscretions
Fade to dust,
Thrown in the trash
Like an old diary,
Heavy with the memories
Of another failed year.
This time,
You will begin again,
Attend the gym
Three times a week,
Those old flames,
Drink less wine.
Too soon the Christmas trees
Are out.
Winter rears its ugly head
As you queue in Tesco
For champagne.
This year though,
It will be different,
Says the checkout girl.

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