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Janus wanted a transfer. But Oppon doesn't know that yet.

A New Beginning – Janus hopes

     Janus, was what everyone called her because her full length name is fifteen characters long, ran down a long center row with desk cubicles on both sides of it. She ran toward a door at the far end that didn’t quite open before she reached it. The door couldn’t be closed now. It’s slightly bent frame only allowed it to close halfway.

     “Why didn’t I get it?” Janus asked as she slammed into the desk in front of her because she was going to fast that’s the only way to stop her. As a result, the desk moved back enough to trap Oppon between it and Storage behind it.

     Oppon shoved his desk away from her. Then looked up at Janus with anger in his eyes. “I didn’t give you permission to enter.”

     “That’s because I didn’t ask for it.” Janus remained leaning against Oppon’s desk. She’s leaning so far in her and Oppon are practically face to face.

     Pushing Janus back Oppon said, “Please be seated. How can I help you?”

     Janus almost lost her balance. She grabbed a chair next to her, and sat down, before she did. “You can answer my question.”

     Oppon eyes almost popped out of his sockets. “What have you done to my door?”

     “When we first started this season of Collection you said your door would always be open to us,” said Janus. “That was two months ago, and I don’t think your door has ever been open for long.”

     “You’re going to have to pay for that door,” said Oppon. “You do know that – don’t you.”

     “Take it out of my Grievance Settlement.” If looks could kill Oppon would be dead by now.

     Oppon had to laugh at that. “You can’t take the World Government to Judgement Day.”

     “Yes, I can. My chances of winning a settlement is slim to none,” said Janus. “The World Government will drag it out for years until I give up, can no longer challenge them or die – but I can still do it.”

     “What exactly is your grievance about?” Oppon asked.

     “I should have gotten that promotion to Collection Observation,” said Janus. With my thirteen years in Credit Collections, three of those in year-round positions, I’ve got more experience than anyone else who asked for the promotion.”

     Oppon leaned forward, and started hitting keys on a Control Panel in front of a Data Monitor. After a few seconds he leaned back in his chair. “Why do you think you didn’t get the promotion?

     “It could be because I am a female, especially since a male did get it, but I don’t think that’s the reason why I didn’t get it. I think it’s because I am a troublemaker,” said Janus.

     “Why are you a troublemaker?” Oppon asked.

     “Because I’m not shy,” said Janus. If I think there is a problem I will speak up about it.”

     Oppon glanced up at the Data Monitor for a second. “According to your records you have not only spoken up – a lot, but you have come up with several ways to make Collection Processing easier and/or faster.”

     “Are you trying to tell me that’s the reason why I didn’t get that promotions?” Janus asked.

     “No, it isn’t. That’s the reason why you get a different Department Supervisor every couple of years though,” said Oppon.

     “Then what is the reason why I didn’t get it?” Janus asked.

     “Despite all your troublemaking you are one of the best Processors we have,” said Oppon. “That’s the reason the promotion didn’t go to you.”

     “That might be partially true, maybe, but it’s not the only reason. I want to know the real reason,” said Janus.

     “What makes you think that isn’t the real reason?” Oppon asked.

     “I did some checking myself,” said Janus. “What I found was that the one who did get the promotion was as good, if not better, at Processing than I am.”

     “How did you find out who got the promotion?” Oppon asked.

     Janus had to think about that for a minute. “It’s not that hard. If you know what you are doing.”

     “I could contact Internal Security if I wanted to,” said Oppon. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t contact them.”

     “Because they already know about it,” said Janus. “They are the ones who helped me find out who got it.”

     That shocked Oppon. The look on his face said that. “Why are you really here?”

     “I wanted to know if you had anything to do with that decision,” answered Janus. “From what I have observed, since I got in here, I would say that you didn’t.”

     “I’ve got a feeling that isn’t the only reason for your visit,” said Oppon. “Am I right?”

     “You are correct,” said Janus. “I’m also here to request a transfer to another department. I know that means either one of the other three shifts here or on one of the other eleven ships in orbit around Younith.”

     “I would hate to see you leave, but under the circumstances maybe it’s best if you do. Since we are so far into this season it’s going to take a few days to do it, but it will be done.”

     “Thank you.” Janus got up and left. As she headed down the row she thought to herself. You never wanted me here. You’ve tried everything you could to get rid of me ever since I got here – especially since I came back from my temporary assignments. It’s the same reason why I really didn’t get that promotion. I didn’t get it because I’m not human. Hopefully, my next department Supervisor and Manager won’t hate Aliens.

The Word Count, including this line, is 954.

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