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The Beast! The Whirling, Spasmodic Beast!
Obliteration of the Beast

Tornado of emotion -
swirling, spinning, spiraling around,
where colors blur, thoughts jumble
and your feet can't find the ground!
When useless words do not connect,
your lips are numb, your muscles contract,
when no one seems to understand
that there's a beast upon your back!

A hurricane of merciless wind
and the reins are out of your control,
a blizzard of sideways, stinging pain
or earthquake causing ground to roll.
When you can find no moment to take a breath
nor air to gasp: it's all been used,
that's when the beast laughs maniacally
even though you fail to be amused!

Eager is he to claim his triumph,
yet he can be beaten, though he be fierce:
focus on something he can't affect,
on anything except your fears!
When all blurs muddy, and red
is indistinguishable from green,
find your center, that un-extinguishable spark
and the back of said beast will soon be seen.

Not my monkeys; not my circus
is the mantra we employ,
'No drama on Rose Street' is our song,
lets us center; find our joy!
We circle ourselves deep in a hug
where nothing can shatter hard-fought peace--
we'll muddle through, we have the ammo
to obliterate that horrid beast!

Prompt for: Jan 5, 2016 (Ren)
Subject or Theme: The Stress Monster!! (It can be about your own or someone else, what causes it, what makes it better ~ anything like that; it's pretty wide open)
Word(s) to Include: eager, indistinguishable, triumph (or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): anxiety, monster, freak, panic, scare, stress (or any derivatives, compound or hyphenations of these words)
Additional Parameters: At least 24 lines or a form that is 24 lines or more. Please include a link if you use a form.
Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description.

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