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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Occult · #2070836
The family curse is really a fallen angel with a gained heart that deserves...
Over many generations,
A family curse has existed,
Mother daughter quarreling for no reason,
Being influenced by a demon,
A fallen angel taking possession,
Over the new generations baby girl,
The girl grows deprived of people,
Cleaning the parents home,
The boy is given everything he wants,
Why is it this way,
Generation after generation?
This is so wrong for the daughter.

This generation the daughter finally stops this,
With the help of the special one who can,
She knew all along what was really happening,
She could see the demon,
She heard it speak through her Mother sometimes too,
It's angry the daughter knows and confronted it,
It's now caught including its ways,
Trying to once again destroy the Mother and daughters relationship,
It wanted to strike the daughter in extreme fury,
But the one who knew beforehand,
Stopped it before it could even act.

How was it stopped?
The daughter knew about it,
Seen and heard it,
She knew her Mother and her Grandmother,
We're really not at fault for their actions,
She loved and forgave them.
The daughters love and forgiveness,
Was what ultimately helped stop,
This nonsense,
And as for the demon,
Since the daughter loved and forgave it too,
It was allowed to finally be free,
And was sent back to heaven,
She loved it for many reasons,
It taught her great and important knowledge,
Wisdom, love for nature,
And it loved nature, babies and her.
Because of it having shown love,
She told her Father it deserved to finally be free and be allowed to go back home.
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