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by KLJ
Rated: E · Fiction · Philosophy · #2070985
When a small man decide its time to stop living a small Life.
He was a small man. He had always been a small man. Small in every way. He'd had small dreams, A small life. A small job.
People ignored him, when he was a kid, he was the one everyone picked on . In school, the teachers never picked on him, because he didn't stand out in the classroom. They seemed to feel that because he was small, he wasn't smart. They ignored him, when he called on being wrong. Being small he had taken a lot of abuse. The end result was he was small, he thought and dreamed small.
Than he looked in the mirror one day. He was suddenly tired of being small. Being naturally small he'd pretty much let life run over him. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he had slowly realized that it was his fault he had a small life. It was time to reinvent his life.
That started with his wardrobe. He went through his closest. Except for a very few pieces he really liked everything else went to the Goodwill. The next stop on the way to the men's cloths store was the barber. There he had the barber give him a while new look, When he left he sported a nice flattop haircut, nicely trimmed beard.
He spent the rest of he day at the cloths store. There he selected , a completely new set of cloths, and a new style. He went back to the basics, classics. He topped it off with a new fedora hat, and trench coat. The bill was huge. But he didn't care.
For the first time in his life he didn't feel small. His next stop was his work. The looks he got when he walked in wearing the new outfit were priceless. In all the years he worked there, he had never been in anything other than a very old, ill fitting suit, and crappy old hat. all of which should have been dumped decades ago.
He walked into his boss's office. Laying his new briefcase down on the desk, took off the new hat.
His boss barely glanced up at him. Then he did a double take.
The look on his boss said it all. In his wildest dreams he never had seen him look that good.
"Mr. Connery. I want a raise. I've been working here for almost twenty years, I've been doing mine and your jobs and sometimes even more than that. For all of those years you've taken me for granted. and pretty much ignored me, unless you needed my help, and me to bail you out of a mess. That stops now.
You give me a raise, double my current salary, and a promotion, A promotion, I might add you promised me several years ago."
Mr. Connery, just sat looking up at him. He was speechless for a second. He barely recognized the small man standing before him. He tried to think quickly. He realized everything he'd said was right.
"You want what?" he asked sarcastically. He decided to make a show of standing up to him. He really wasn't sure how to take the new version of his old employee.
"Its really simple you start treating me as a equal, and giving me the respect I deserve, Or I leave. I start my own firm, and take all of my clients with me. After all the years I've been here, I know where all the bodies are buried , so to speak, I know how much you've skimming off to your off shore account. And about you and Mrs. Lewis. " He paused a moment to let it sink in.

Mr. Connery sat back down his his chair. Suddenly the man before him looked ten feet high. He knew if he pushed him he'd do exactly what he said he would do.
"By the way I quit. There will be a letter in the mail going to the proper authorities detailing all of the things I've just mentioned. and more. And I am taking all my clients with me. I've already talked to them and they've agreed to move with my to my new firm.
He turned and walked back through the offices. He went to his desk, There he plugged in a thumb drive. started downloading all his files. While that was working he cleared out his desk. collecting all his papers, and every little thing he had. The computer beeped. He unplugged the drive from the USB port, Putting it in his pocket. With all of his papers and files and other stuff in his new briefcase. He took one single piece of paper, and wrote on it "I Quit" With the whole office staff watching, including Mrs. Lewis, and Mr. Connery, he walked out the door.
He was never a Small Man again.
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