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Rated: E · Novella · Fantasy · #2071061
Fantasy, Scifi, myths and science. This is an ILLUSTRATED novel.
Solon is an upcoming experimental hybrid graphic novel by Joey Collard. Carolyn Solon is a microbiologist who discovers a virus locked away in the human genome. She reconstructs its original form and unlocks an immense energy fueled by her own cells, becoming a superheroine and coming to grips with the mysteries hidden in the desert places of the world. Solon has elements of science fiction, fantasy, and comic book story, with deeper intellectual details than your typical comic book afforded by the prose.Solon Realization Scene

The book will feature mostly prose, but the full effect of the plot will be conveyed in conjunction with illustrations in a modern graphic novel style. This art will show off the action scenes, hide clues and Easter eggs, and provide a rich, immersive experience of Solon's world.

The writing is complete and 6 polished pages have been completed for submission to prospective publishers. Art is being created by Bridgeforth Design Studio in the mountains of Bristol, Virginia.


I have prepared a Kickstarter campaign for launch in the first week of the new year. If successful, the product will be a 300 page, full color, professionally printed book carefully designed, edited, and formatted by myself and the folks at Bridgeforth Design Studio. You can be the first to get a book by pledging at the $30 level or above once the campaign officially launches, or get the ebook with a $5 pledge! Even if you can only donate a dollar, you'll still be listed on the Thank You page.

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