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by Elfyn
Rated: E · Poetry · Experience · #2071090
for Winter CC
Prompt for: Jan 8, 2016 (fyn)
Subject or Theme: Pockets! Lint-lined, emptied, unemptied, full of change or loose screws, a place to warm cold hands, sewn shut or containing treasures...what's in your pockets?

No restriction on words today; no required words, no forbidden words!

Additional Parameters: A minimum of 18 lines, rhyming or not.

Pockets Full of Wishes

Tucked in my back left pocket
is a folded lottery ticket:
potential power,
ball of dreams and wishes.
Bought with change scrounged from
beneath the seat cushions on the couch,
my center desk drawer and the
coins in the console in the car.
Had a penny in my pocket,
but I won't spend that one!
A two dollar wish
yet so much more.
What if? What if?

Giggle time spent spending.
Contemplation on not worrying
about the electric bill or food for the dog.
Fulfilling wild fantasies
of hubby playing golf at St. Andrews,
paying off the house,
being able to fill my Kindle,
renew my membership come March.
Without thinking twice or fifteen times;
without robbing Peter to pay Paul.
Socking most away for rainy day
and enjoying a brand new umbrella.
A dream is a good thing to stick in a pocket.
(as long as I don't throw my jeans in the wash!)
What if? What if?

In my right front pocket
is a penny my dad gave me.
Don't ever spend it, he said,
and you'll never be broke!
Always have that reminder,
that prayer:
In God We Trust.
In truth,
Prayers and wishes,
goals and dreams.
What if? What if?

Daddy used to say
to work towards your dream,
then dream about your work
and always,
pray for understanding.
I didn't always get it,
but I kept the penny
and I still work on my dreams.
Some have come true.
Some were never meant to.
And some
are simply
kept for the dreaming.
What if? What if?

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