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A Free Style poem about a man who adores his wife.
No Such Thing As Angels

She was over in the corner when I came home tonight
Once again Jack Daniels helped me see the light
She did not have to wonder, she knew where I had been
So many times I've headed down the road to Hell again

I don't know why I go there, it ain't the place I want to be
She's been holding on to what she found in me
But, how long can that woman stay here by my side
This bottle that I cling to must break her heart inside

Every time I feel these walls start closing in on me
I run right to the bottle, the only place I'm ever free
I know that I have got to be right out of my mind
My woman sits home waiting while I'm drinking myself blind

I don't know what I would ever do if she should go away
I'd get down on my bended knees begging her to stay
No matter what life does to me I can make it to the end
She is more than just my lover, she is still my best friend

They say there's no such thing as angels
Well, my woman's wearing wings
She's the rock that I still lean on
The gold inside our wedding rings

The only peace I find here in the valley
is when she gives herself to me
There may be no such thing as angels
But I got one here with me

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