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by Queen
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2071374
first chapter of book I'm writing just want an opinion on it to see if i should continue

Did you think that he liked you?
Yes. No. Maybe a little.
Well he doesn’t and wouldn’t like a girl like you.

That’s a usual conversation between Scar and I she loves to let me know how unlikeable with my defect and all. Like I don’t already know this my caramel skin filled with all this white patches who would want a girl like that. Laying on my bed now thinking about my encounter with him. I don’t know his name but he has the most captivating blue eyes you could ever see and he actual talked to me today. Well it was only to ask for a pencil and I could barely form words and the fact that I threw the pencil at him I get where Scar is coming from.
I’m always right only turning to save you the heart break.
I can take car---
“Amy! Lauren is here.” My father yelled I always tell him to text me I hate loud noises they irritated me.
Lauren had been my best friend since middle even though I don’t understand why a girl like her would be friends with me little old Amy with the oily hair, thin lips with bucked teeth and discolored patches all over her body. Lau was the spitting image of what a beautiful girl is. Her ivory skin glowed in the sun light, she had full pillow like lips, legs that could go for miles and curves in all the right places don’t forget her flaming red hair that everyone thought was fake.
“Your fucking always there day dreaming you know.” I jumped a little at her voice.
“Jesus! Lau you startled me, make some noise next time.” I turned to her pulling her into a hug.
“Where hell did you go after school I waited two fucking you bitch so we could go to get ice cream?”
“I was planning to call---
“I can fucking clearly see that. Where the hell is your phone?” She mutter cutting me off she made her way over to my bed sitting down crossing her arms. She had that look on her faced the one where she knew I was lying.
“It’s complicated!” I sighed sitting on the computer chair her face softened.
“Is it that bitch Scar again?”
“Yeah it’s always her.”
“Shouldn’t let the bitch control your life?” She grasped my arm pulling me closer to hug me she thought that Scar was one of my family member’s. See the thing is no one knows anything about Scar other than the fact that she’s my supposed cousin.

“I’m fine.” I know that’s what I really wanted to say I know that I shouldn’t let her control me but its hard Scar had so many good points about life how could I not listen to her. People didn’t like me other than Lauren
“You know you can trust me right?” Lauren stood walking to my bookshelf picking up the photo of us two on my eighth birthday. We were both dressed as princesses and had cake smeared all over our faces.
You looked like a freak back then to? Ha! Ha!
No, my mother would let me know how beautiful I was ever day when I was younger. Why couldn’t she just leave me alone?
Well she’s a liar.
I use to be seen as beautiful before you came around. You Monster!
“Amy, Amy are you in there?” Lauren waved her hand in front of my face.
“You blacked out again,” She signed sitting on my bed again the picture frame still in her hand she had this look in her eyes like she was reminiscing about the past. “You’re doing that a lot now lately. Do you remember when this picture was taken?”
“Yeah my eighth birthday and we smashed our faces into the cake and my dad took the picture before my mom could clean us up.” I laughed thinking about that day my mom had gotten all worked up about us staining our dresses she was the type of person to worry about the light things like that every little detail matter to her.
“Hey do you want to go to Rockies get our Fudgy special that always made things brighter.” Lauren asked standing from the bed walking over to me.
“Yeah that sounds like a plan.” I grabbed my coat from the back of my chair and we made our way down stairs. My father’s car wasn’t in the drive way so he probably went to work I didn’t bother to look for my mom because I knew how she felt about seeing my face. I slide into the front seat of Laurens rusty pickup truck and we speed off the Rockies. Not a single thought of Scar in my mind.

“You can’t keep doing this Scar.” Jory hissed at me taking a seat on the stairs of Uetiz Hall she strongly disapproved of what I was doing to Amy.
“Oh but it’s so fun.” I complained if we were going too trapped in the in-between then at least we should be able to have a little fun with the humans. Either way Amy was different. In school we out-fast learned that we wouldn’t be able to enter any mind but that of a Shimmer or fellow Out-Fast human minds were closed off to us. But not hers and I wanted to find out what made her different for the others.
“You know the consequences if the Elementals find out about your little Shifting.” She reprimanded me as if she were my mother.
“I don’t care you’re not my mother.” I uttered.
“Not like any of us here have parents.” She sneered turning back to one of the portals were two humans one male the other female were laying in one of those human contraptions I think they called it a car kissing. Jory was always fascinated with human relationships I think she longed for to have something like that again.
Long ago there was a Shim named Dovark who accidently ended up in the in-between on the way back from New Common Wealth Jory found him and hid him in her home. Jory like any smart Out-Fast hide her face from the lovely Shim not to offend him but Jory hid her burn marks from everyone ashamed of the way she was born. She like me would never come to accept the way we were born and was constantly looking for us to change the way we looked. Long story short they fell in love Jory thought she could trust him and let her glamour he freaked out ran away was caught by an Elemental and executed in front everyone. Jory was whipped and chained temple pillars for a month for her crime of harboring a Shim.

“Why bother longing for something you can’t have?” I ask marching down the steps of Uetiz Hall love was a foolish thing to wish for and Jory knew this. Monsters like us didn’t deserve love we don’t understand how to love its not like we were fucking taught this by parents. I don’t even know what my parents look like just that my mother was a human whore and my father a Hade but not just any Hade but a top ranked general.
“Hoping for love ain’t wrong you know,” Jory came to step next to when the humans kissing became to heated I would never understand the appeal of having someone’s tongue in your mouth. “Promise me that you’ll leave that girl alone tonight.”

“I can’t do that Jory” I whined she always had to be such a joy kill couldn’t allow me any sort of fun what a friend.
“Okay. Okay. I promise I’ll leave her be tonight.” I murmured hanging my head down.
“Thank you now let’s get to that meeting.” Jory grabbed my hand and dragged me along with her out of the hall making our way to the meeting room boy were we in for a night of boring talk about obeying the laws enforced by the elementals and the consequences of breaking them.
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