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Despite her being talented in violin, Alex loses in music contest due to power of love.
The melody from the violin was sweet and serene. It created a feeling of enthusiasm in her heart and aroused her memories of her. Alex’s mother was a renowned violist all over England who participated in superordinate contests many of which she took the lead. She really admired her and she felt proud she was following her path. As she was busy with her violin, the door behind her slowly opened and a small dolphin face peeked at her. “Hey Alex, have you forgotten and it’s about the time?” Being her best friend for a month now, Alex was able to recognized Shirley’s voice even without looking back. They came to know each other when Alex’s locker has jammed when she was a newcomer at Lisbon School and Shirley came to her aid. “Oh! How can I turn down such an offer Cutie? In fact it has been a long time since I attended a birthday party,” she marveled as she started packing the violin to its case. “And by the way, who is the lucky chap who has made you go such crazy?” she added. Holding the violin case with her arms, she started advancing towards the door at which Shirley was standing puzzled. Alex looked her directly on her face, fixing her curious eyes onto Shirley’s.
For sure Shirley was also a Hollywood star just like Alex only that many despised her due to the fact that she had a petite body, and the worse of it she had a small bosom. Seeing that she wasn’t ready with the answer, Alex signed him with her head to move on. She picked the purse from her room and headed towards the garage where she had left her dad. She was astonished when she went there and found that he had already moved out. Fortunately as they were about to go they saw him come from their neighbor Miss Helen. Just like many other parents, Mr. Douglas truly loved and cared for her daughter. She was a technician in one of the government laboratories and he dearly worked hard to ensure that her daughter has everything she needed in retaining her happiness. “If you are going to the supermarket take this note and buy some candies for you and your friend. “And Please sweetheart take care of yourselves and don’t be late,” He told her as he handed her a fifty pound note. “Don’t worry about us dad. We are big girls now,” she assured.
On their way Shirley acknowledged that Alex’s dad is surely caring and that she envied him. Her dad is much different as he’s the type who really doesn’t care about the rest of his family not even monitoring his children’s behavior. It’s just a few days passed when her elder brother Jimmy was caught peddling hard drugs inside his school which resulted to his cancelation. To Alex, she often thinks that her dad is over caring for he even restricts her from doing small tasks like washing clothes in the washer by herself. After the death of her beloved mother, she realized that her dad started looking unto her as she was a three old kid.
“By the way Alex, what is the best present that you can give to a guy as a birthday gift?” Shirley inquired as he stood beside a rack piled with skateboards and skating shoes. Huh…Alex thought for a while. She wondered what to tell her friend for she had never been in a relationship, leave alone giving a birthday gift. “For sure the only guy that I had ever given a gift is my dad during the Fathers Day Calendar,” She grinned as she continued, “for my dad’s case I bought him a watch for that’s the only thing I thought best for him.” ` After a long stroll inside the supermarket, Shirley decided to go for the watch for she lacked any other alternative to go for. She had thought of a skateboard but she had an impression that it won’t please him as he has got a bike which he was surely fond of. She drifted her eyes from one end of the glassed cabinet to the other trying to locate something splendiferous and unique. As she was about to give up, her eyes landed on one black Casio G-Shock that had both analog and digital watch. Alex, who had been quiet all this time watching her friend, peeped at the clock hanging on the wall behind the cashier. She enjoined her friend that they were running out of time as it was already 1850 hours and she didn’t want to upset her dad by breaking the agreement. They hurriedly left for home each buried in her own emotions, Shirley worried of her chap and Alex worried of her dad, and as they were about to part, Shirley reminded Alex not to late meeting her at her home the following day.
Alex abashedly looked up as Joe audaciously introduced them to his friends. “Hey guys, look what I have brought you…aren’t her boobs groovy?” Joe was the kind of a guy whom every student knew for her Prankish behaviors. No wonder why he was dubbed J.J {Jocular Joe} as many knew him. The room was jam-packed with many faces most of which seemed new to Alex. Joe led them to a lounge that lied at the wispy edge of the room with only one fella. “Hey Travis, do you and Alex know each other or this is your first meeting, ” Shirley asked the young fella with a chortle. Looking him onto his face, Alex saw the face familiar to her. “I have never met her but I suppose she is also from Lisbon,” Travis replied as he saluted Alex. All of a sudden booming music filled the entire room. Alex watched intensively as the delirious teens went to their hips, whirling them to and fro in rhythm of the music.
Shirley too joined the dancing crew, leaving Alex and Travis back at the lounge. She was totally confused as she didn’t know how to start him. She started thinking of her father and how she had lied to her that she was attending a welcoming party at her school. Although it sounded weird, her dad finally let her go even if he knew it was a lie. “By the way Alex, how many years have you been in Lisbon?” Travis decided to break the monotony, letting her go of her emotions. This question opened a new world for the two and in a nick of time they were soon buried in their own conversation. Alex was dumbfounded as the mellifluous charming words flowed out of his mouth. The room has begun getting hotter for her as he continued whispering his spell. Feeling it unbearable, the two swiftly sneaked out of the party through the back door.
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