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My contest entry for the Dear Me contest.
Dear Me,
2016 could be a big year for you. Every year you begin a story, but you have yet to finish one. Maybe this year, you could take a step back. Instead of trying to begin a novel, work on a short story. Writing doesn't have to mean author of a three hundred page novel. Writing means doing whatever you can think of to create a coherent idea. I say embrace your passion for Mr. Poe and try a story like him. Maybe even branch out and try your hand at a poem or two. You never know what's going to pop out of your brain. Ever since middle school, you have loved writing. Not academic essays, but stories.
Remember that novel you started writing in the black notebook, only to run into a cement wall around page seventy? Take a look at that again this year. Read it all the way through and remind yourself just how far you've come in these last few years. You are a better writer now. At least once every couple weeks, maybe even once a week, sit down with a blank sheet of paper, and use it. It doesn't matter what you put on it; a story, a picture, whatever. All that matters is you remain creative. High school has sucked a lot out of you, but I know that you can pull through. College is just around the corner, and you don't want to go it as an empty shell. Regain some of your passion for being creative. Relive middle school when you read a book a day and loved every minute of it. Go back to the library, pick a random book, and read it. It does not matter what the book is about. Just read it. Do that once a month, and you'll be better off for it.
More than anything his year, I want you to have fun. Smile, laugh, do things that make you afraid. Show your friends that story, that poem, or that monologue. Be brave enough to admit your love of writing, and embrace every side of you that loves creativity. (360 words)

Thank you,

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