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Rated: E · Fiction · Ghost · #2071639
Prompt words: ring, ghost, stairs for Daily Flash Fiction
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During my evening stroll with my canine companion, we discovered a fairy ring. Most people would dismiss it as an odd growth in the grass; something caused by a fungus. Fairy rings are the entrance to the world of the Fae. So many unsuspecting people lost their souls to those devious denizens.

Ned, my walking companion, and seeker of the Unseelie, barked incessantly at the growth of grass creating the fairy ring.

"Hush now, Ned! The fairies won't open the portal if you're clamoring!" I sternly whispered in the dog's ear. Ned sat, his ears pointed on alert. He sensed something was about to occur.

The grass twisted to the left and back to the right. The ground within the ring boiled. Ned whined with anticipation. A hole with a circular set of stairs appeared, as well as a ghostly apparition.

The ghost coalesced wearing a dabber top hat, buttoned down vest, oversized buckled boots clad, leprechaun or at least, the ghost of one.

"Whit say you, ah Miss ah, whit's yer name?" The apparition inquired.

"Oh, I'll not be telling you my name! You'll just capture my soul and take me to the realm of Fae to live evermore," I replied.

"But 'tis whit ye want, aye? You being in the company of a dog that seeks fairies," he smoothly replied.

"Tis true, my canine companion does seek fairy rings, but 'tis my choice whether or not to investigate further."

"Ah lass, dinnae fash yer sel o'er whit ye think could be. The land o'Fae be a gentle world where all yer heart's desires are granted. Just take a wee peek..."

The leprechaun's voice was enchanting, but before I could place a foot on the stairway, Ned jerked me back to the safety of my reality.


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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2071639-A-Dog-that-seeks-Faeries