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Why are we the only ones who can remember him? That's what two young girls want to know.

Who Was Wassas?

     Two young girls skipped down a row of houses talking to each other. “That was a hard exam,” said GorGina.

     “I didn’t think it was that hard,” said ElainNe. “There were a couple I don’t think I did too good with, but overall I’m sure I did okay with it.

     “I’d Wager, if I could at eleven too, a Week’s Spending Units Jaimus didn’t have any trouble with it,” said GorGina. “He never does.”

     “Stop!” ElainNe walked just behind, a faster walker, GorGina.

     GorGina suddenly stopped. She turned back toward ElainNe. “What’s wrong?”

     “Wasn’t there a house there a couple of days ago?” ElainNe pointed at an empty lot as she asked that question.

     After thinking about that for a minute GorGina said, “I think you’re right. That’s where Wassas lives.”

     “What happened to the house? Where is Wassas?” asked ElainNe.


     GorGina huffed and puffed as she entered the family house. She found her father, KavVin, in the Living Room. “Calm down. You’re babbling again. What’s Wrong?” KavVin said then asked.


     ElainNe lived a few more doors down than GorGina. It took her another minute or two to get home after GorGina did. She ran into her family house completely out of breath. When she did she practically knocked over her father, ThomMus, in the entrance hallway. “What’s wrong little one? You look, and act, like you seen the Walking Dead.” Asked then said ThomMus.


     Sitting in front of a Video Monitor GorGina talked to ElainNe who was on that monitor. “My parents didn’t know who Wassas was,” said GorGina. “They never heard of him.”

     “My parents are the same way,” said ElainNe. “They said they never heard of him.”

     “What’s going on? According to them there never was a house there,” asked then said GorGina.

     “I know there’s a house there,” said ElainNe. “We have been playing there for years.”

     “There’s a man by the name of Wassas living there,” said GorGina. “He’s been playing with us for years too.”

     “What are we going to do?” ElainNe asked. “That, I haven’t figured that out, but I’m going to do something. I just don’t know what that is – yet.”


     “We want to tell you about someone who's missing,” said GorGina. GorGina and ElainNe stood under a large table almost twice their height.

     “I can help you with that problem,” said SanDi. The Local Law Enforcer leaned over the edge of the desk she sat behind. “Who is missing.”

     “His name is Wassas, and he lives at 1272 Thatchway.” Both GorGina and ElainNe bent their heads back to look up at SanDi, but it’s ElainNe who spoke.

     ”I’ve never heard any anyone by the name of Wassas, and there isn’t a house at that location. There has never been a house there,” said SanDi.

     “There is a man named Wassas, and he does live at that house. At least he did live there until today,” said GorGina.

     “Stop Wasting my time,” said SanDi. “I don’t have time to waste on a couple of kids playing.”

     “We aren’t playing,” said ElainNe. “Wassas does, did, exist. So does, did, his house.”

     “What you are doing is against the Rules,” said SanDi. “Do you want me to contact your parents?”

     “No, you don’t need to do that.” GorGina turned, and practically dragged ElainNe toward a big glass door. “We’re leaving.”

     As GorGina and ElainNe left that building ElainNe said to GorGina in a low voice, “No one believes us.” Then she added, “Why are we the only ones who know Wassas existed?”


     A large black dog jumps out of a car stopped at a gas station, followed by a rooster, and man carrying a small pot-bellied pig. Right after the man GorGina and ElainNe existed it too. “Thanks for the help getting here,” said GorGina.

     After finding out where Wassas’s family lived GorGina and ElainNe headed that direction. “He didn’t know who Wassas was either, and he appeared to be about the same age as Wassas. That man said he has lived here all of his live too,” said ElainNe.

     When they got to the house that man told them about GorGina made contact with the door with her double fist. “Can I help you,” said NorRa.

     “We came to talk to you about your son Wassas,” said GorGina. NorRa appeared to be about fifty years old.

     “I don’t have a son named Wassas,” said NorRa. “In fact, I don’t have any children at all.”

     “That’s what I told you she would say,” said ElainNe. “We might as well leave.”

     “Wassas mentioned his family several times over the years we knew him,” said GorGina. “I was sure they would remember him.”

     Just before the two girls turned to leave they heard on the Announcer on the Video Monitor inside that house say, “The Sun powers our homes and our Transportation. How much longer is it going to be before we can do both without it costing us so much to do it?”

     “Didn’t Wassas say something about not needing to buy Sun power for his Transportation anymore?” ElainNe asked. “He said he was going to make a billion Units from his creation.”

     “So that’s why Wassas has disappeared from everyone’s mind,” said GorGina. “The Government made him non-existent.”

     “That might explain why no one remembers him, but it doesn’t tell us how they did it. It also doesn’t say why we are the only ones who remember him,” said ElainNe.

     “I don’t know the answers to that – yet, but we will find that out too. We did it with his disappearance,” said GorGina.

     “Your right,” said ElainNe. “We can do it with all the unanswered questions too.”

Note – Dog, Car, Gas Station, Rooster and pig are only used in this story
       because of the prompt for today. The animals do exist on CaRain, so did
       the gas station a long time ago, but they aren’t called that.

The Word Count, including this line is 999.

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