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for the Winter Cup
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Prompt for: Jan 13, 2016 (fyn)
Subject or Theme: time

our perfect clock

Words (s) to Include: inherent, paradox, minute (or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): clock, time, hours, second, waste (or any derivatives, compound or hyphenations of these words)
Additional Parameters: Must be able to clearly tell the picture prompt figures into the poem. At least 24 lines-
Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description.


A particle, minute in and of itself,
a breath, a grasping of inhaled existence
is inherent in forward motion.
The paradox is that often, to progress,
one must, indeed, fall backward.

No pause button,
no freeze frame
except in memory
and often, not even then
for the moment is colored by perception.

A blurred spin, a slide ways step
into choices, split moment decisions
splashing in multicolored puddles, ripples
spiraling out then vanishing into smooth surface
reflecting what?

Stages set, a juncture poised
then lost in confusion, for the mind
cannot always process
what is sees: observation is key
to unlocking the enigma.

Emit a voice into the void,
whether song or bubbled laugh:
sound waves travel to the edges
of our personal universe, wrapping around,
cycling back, echoing into tomorrow.

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