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introduction and cast of characters.

The Battle for Tampa

By Lorin Charles

About the author

This is the second in a series by Lorin Charles. The first book is titled "The Drug Fighting Group" . In it you meet the team that is was together by Whiskey, the leader. The original team is made up of five members: Whiskey, Cigar, Spider, Hamhock, and Alien.

This book introduces a new member to the team; Carol Ann. She is recently down sized or fired from her job because of an incident involving her boss. When the team learns how she fights back and wins they offer her a spot on the team.

Lorin is not an authority on crime, he has traveled all over the world and seen many of the crimes taking place. This is just his way of trying to let others know this is happening the world

1 Prologue
2. Members of The Team
3. Phase One Set Up House
4. Phase Two Recon
5. Phase Three Making Arrangements
6. Phase Four Identify and Destroy
7. Phase Five Going After Prostitution
8. Phase Six Notifying the Syndicate
9. Phase Seven Going After the Drugs
10. Phase Eight Making A Clean Sweep
11. Phase Nine The Attacks
12. Phase Ten Cut off The Head


Having been successful in with their first battles against the drug traffic in smaller cities it is time to test the waters in a large city.

The battle for Tampa will not be easy. A syndicate runs the cities drug and crime factions. They have managed to keep outside influences using their connections in the city and county governments.

The task here will be to investigate, disrupt and eliminate the powers and to expose the connections with the politicians.

The Group will discover that not all things are as they seem. Help will come from unexpected sources, and disrupting the activities will uncover more than just drugs.

Members of the Team

I would like to introduce the members of the team and
give you a little background on each.

Jack Meade: Code Name: WHISKEY
Served his country for 23 years in Pakistan, Bosnia, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq

He has watched many of his comrades get killed and injured. He has sustained three gunshot wounds, had shrapnel removed and be concussed twice.

At 6â 4â and slim 230 pounds he is a mountain of a man that can strike fear in a person with just a look. He maintains a bald head and a close-cropped beard. His shoulders are wide and his chest is hard muscled. He has never lost a fight in hand-to-hand combat.

He speaks three languages, can hit a moving target from a 1000 yards. Is trained as a sniper and has knowledge of weapons from all countries. He has worked with the members of foreign trained infiltrators.

As the leader of the team he recruited all the members

When he returned from his last mission he went back to his hometown. While there visiting his sister he discovered that her two daughters were acting strange. When he approached his sister about it she told him what had happened.

The girls had made friends at school that ran in a different crowd than normally did. These new girls were in a gang and got them involved as well. First they thought it was find hanging out and drinking and a little pot, but that all changed one night.

While the girls were high on the marijuana two of the gang men raped the girls. They had been fed some drug that made them not know what was going on and did not remember anything the next day. When they were told, by the other girls what had happened, they wanted to get out but they were threaten if they said anything there would be trouble.

Whiskey took time to observe the gang and locate the leaders. Then he contacted Alien. Together they devised a plan to get the girls released from the gang threats. It would be the beginning of his new career path.

On a Friday night when the gang usually held their parties at the gangs house Whiskey and Alien paid them a visit. There were 10 members of the gang and 6 girls at the house.

When the two walked in the gang members stopped what they were doing and the leader questioned what they wanted. Whiskey simple said," I am here to put an end to you and your gang." Then he said to the girls" If you are here against your will leave now and you will never hear from these men again, if you are with these assholes be prepared to suffer the same consequence"

Four girls quickly left the house. That left twelve gang members to deal with.

Before anyone could react Whiskey grabbed the gang leader from his seat and lifted him into the air and brought his back down over his knee and broke his back.

Alien spun around at two of the members and struck a backhanded chop to their throats and they went down gasping for air.

Whiskey dropped his man and struck out with a foot striking one and then another in the head. Then he spun off the kick and slammed two more with punches to face breaking their noses.

Before the last three could react Alien had driven his foot into the groin of one and when he bent over he drove his knee into his forehead and knocked him out.

Whiskey had the other two gripped around the neck squeezing life from them. The two girls were screaming and tried to get away.

Alien blocked their exit and before they could do anything he had knocked them both to the floor. The girls responded by drawing out a knife and attempted stab both men. Their futile effort was met with swift justice as they were quickly disarmed and the knives were used to slice their throats. The men then used the knives to insure all the other members were no longer going to be a threat to anyone.

Before leaving Whiskey and Alien did a search of the house. They found the drug supplies and $1000 in small bills. They pocketed the money and left some of the drugs then called 911. They hoped that the police would assume it was a rival gang making a raid.

His sister told him later that her girls were doing much better now that the gang was gone, he didnât tell her it was him that had done it.

Lorin Matthews: Code Name: Alien

He is a prior member of the Navy seal teams. He had specialized in explosive ordinance. He was a proficient sniper as well as an infiltration and concealment specialist.

He has served on many combat missions in countries all over the world. His ability to infiltrate in to a target and remain hidden for long periods of time is one of his greater assets.

He stands 6 feet and weighs in at 180, has trained in many martial arts and is proficient in all.

Prior to his discharge from service Alien had been assigned duty in Columbia to eradicate the poppy fields and reduce the supply of drugs coming from South America. His assignment gave him the opportunity to witness the abuse of the people forced to convert the poppies to cocaine.

One day his anger overcame him and he unleashed a savage attack on the guards at one location and then followed up by attacking the drug king pins compound. His rampage killed 10 men guarding the manufacture sight and at the compound he used explosives and destroyed the complex and everyone in it.

Since they were not supposed to be there, his actions were not brought to light and it was assumed that another cartel had done the damage. Alien was quietly asked to retire.

Whiskey found him drowning his sorrows in a sleazy bar in Trenton, New Jersey. Together they shared war stories and soon became good friends. Together they devised the idea of the unit and what they wanted to accomplish.

Irene Bishop: Code Name: Spider

Spider was the daughter of a career policeman, who was killed in the line of duty while arresting a craze drug addict.

Upon graduating from high school she applied and was accepted in the New York Police Academy. She graduated top in her class. Her record of arrest and conviction got her a quick promotion to the narcotics squad.

Having spent three years arresting drug pushers and then seeing them walk on technicalities or receive light sentences she quit the force.

At 5â 10â and a trim 115 she is able to more than handle herself against all but the biggest of men. Her smart looks and raven hair and buff body make her the object of more than her shares of men in lust. Her training in the martial arts augmented her fighting skills.

After leaving the force she became a private investigator/ bounty hunter. She was able to make a good living tracking bail skippers and do research for large corporations.

One day she was hired to find a missing girl. The police called it a case of a runaway and would not pursue it. After listening to the fraught parents she decided to do what she could. What she uncovered during the case made the drug industry her primary pursuit.

Having dealt with drug gangs and cartels while being on the force she still had some connections in the drug community as well as the narcotics division of the force.

A tip from one of her Ci's (confidential informants) lead her to a warehouse. It was thought to be abandoned some time ago. The door to the warehouse was guarded at all times. No light could be seen from the outside, as there were few windows other than at the office. And all were blacked out.

Spider set up surveillance in a nearby building and set up a camera to catch the comings and going. The information was transferred to a computer so that she could review it later. That allowed her to do other things while it was recording.

What she found when she reviewed the tapes made her stomach turn. There was steady night traffic of men in and out and during the early hours of the morning it showed men herding girls in and out. The girls looked be no older than 16 at the oldest to 12 at the youngest. This was a brothel.

Before she attacked the brothel she needed to find out where the girls were being kept while not in the building.

So she set up on a nearby street to wait for the van with the girls. Like clock work the van showed up at 3 AM with the fresh load and then loaded up the ones from the brothel.

When the van pulled away she followed. She kept her lights off until they were a block away and stayed well back keeping the van in sight. The van drove out of the city and after about five miles into the country it turned down a dirt road. Knowing she would be spotted if she followed on that road she continued a half-mile further and pulled in another dirt road and parked.

She tracked back along the paved road till she found where the van had turned. Staying off the road, to keep from being spotted, Spider followed the dirt road for a couple of miles where she came upon a farmhouse and barn with another large out building. The van was nowhere in site so one of the building must be where they kept it.

Using the cover from the trees she was able to get to the large building. It was a long metal building that on many farms would be used to store hay and equipment and possible a shop. The door was locked and the windows were blacked out.

Next she checked the barn and found the van. There was another car there as well a Ford Taurus. She heard talking coming from the house and ducked for cover. Two men were coming to the barn. They got in the Taurus and backed out and drove away.

Spider had to know what they did with the girls. She got close to the house and heard men talking, one was telling the other what plans he had for the girls he had just brought back. The man talking got up and started out of the back door. He went down to the large metal building and unlocked the door and entered.

Spider waited a few minutes and then she went to the building to see if the door was still unlocked. It was so she slowly opened it and peered inside. There was no one around so she went in. The building was sectioned off into 10 rooms, 5 on each side of the building. All the doors were locked except one. From behind the unlocked door she could hear the voices of the man from the house and the voice of the girls pleading with the man.

There was no time to think otherwise, Spider pushed open the door to find the man on the bed with two of the girls who were also naked. His reaction was to bark out at Spider âWhat do you want?â To which she replied, â I came to kill you.â

With a roar the man shoved the girls away and came off the bed and charged Spider. That was his mistake. At 6â and more he had a size advantage but his ego and anger made him forget about his training. When he was in reach Spider let loose a swift flip of her leg and caught him in his naked groin. As he bent to cover himself another kick caught him flush on the side of his head. He went down like he had been pole axed.

The girls were screaming but stopped when they saw the big man go down. They hesitated and then the bigger girl went to his clothes on the floor and found his knife. Before Spider could stop her she plunged the knife in his neck and then the back over and over. The other girls just stood and watched their faces showing their disdain for the big man.

Spider got the keys from the manâs belt and began opening the other doors. Each room contained four beds and was occupied by one girl in each. She had counted 4 girls being left at the warehouse. None of the girls looked too older than 16. She spoke to the girls and calmed them down and asked them to wait while she called for help.

She called a friend from her days on the force that was on the vice squad and filled him in. She gave him the location of the farm and the warehouse. Told him what she knew about the warehouse.

While waiting for the help to arrive she wanted to let the girls have a go at the other man in the house. She knew if the girls made enough noise he would come to check it out.
She wait by the door and when he entered she did a leg sweep and knocked him to the ground. The older girl with the knife fell on him and stabbed him in the chest and the other girls took a turn and stabbed him as well.

Spider could have stopped them, maybe, but she knew the girls needed to take revenge. When the police arrived I gave my statement while the girls were taken to the house.
I knew that I could be of no further use and asked to be given a ride to my car.

The daughter of the client was among the girls at the house so Spider called them to tell them she was found and that they needed to contact her friend. She gave them his number and said to call her if they had any problems with getting her released to them.

She had allowed two men to die and she felt no remorse. The men were considered no more than animals who preyed on young girls.

When Whiskey read the story in the news he contacted Spider and asked her to meet with him. During their meeting Whiskey told her of his plans and asked if she would be interested in joining him. She didnât have to think about it and she agreed to be on the team.

Charlie Bacon: Code Name: Hamhock

Born in Atlanta, Georgia the only African American on the team. His skill with a knife and his speed of action makes him adept at close quarter combat. He had served his country as a marine for 10 years and then was honorably discharged. He had spent 7 years in combat zones. He had become frustrated with his superiors and felt he could no longer perform their orders.

Charlie is a funny man always telling short stories about his family. No one ever believes him but they always laugh. He is never quick to anger, will do anything he is asked and will never back down from a fight.

At 6â 2â 200 pounds there is not an ounce of fat on him. When not on a mission he is always working out. He doesnât drink or smoke and will go out of his way to avoid people that do.

While in Afghanistan he was often sent to villages to get information about Taliban in the area. On his last mission his squad was visiting a small village when a 50-man unit of the Taliban attacked them. The Taliban had taken some of the children and placed them in front of their position. When the children tried to run away the Taliban cut them down.

His team called in for air support and maintained the fight until it arrived. The Apache Helicopters decimated the Taliban and we moved in to clean up.

The leader of the attack was wounded in the leg and arm and still tried to put up a fight. When Hamhock reached him he disarmed him, then he took him by the leg and pulled him back to the village.

He then returned to the rest of the Taliban fighters and those that still lived he told his squad to take them to the village as well. When all the wounded were gathered together he asked the men in the village to go inside and have all the mothers of the children to come out.

He gave each of the women a knife and told them do what they would to the injured Taliban. He stood by while the women took their revenge for the killing of their children.

When all were dead and the women had stopped and stood looking at what they had done he took a picture of the carnage.

When he got back to base his commander interviewed all the troops involve in the action, but none would say what happened to the wounded. `It was the last mission he went on.

Carlos Rivera: Code Name: Cigar

Born in Cuba to a Mexican father and a Cuban Mother. Carlos had a quick temper and foul mouth that would shame a harlot.

At 5â5â and 145 pounds he was not a big man in stature but I would want him on my side in any fight. Weapon of choice was a serrated bladed knife that was a present from his uncle in Cuba. His family had come to America illegally and he was born in Florida, which gave him American citizenship.

Cigar spoke Spanish as well as English and his. Growing up in a rough Cuban neighborhood he learn to fight as well as watch the drug trade destroy many of his family and friends.

The priest from his church helped him to find work and when he was of age and had completed high school got him into the police academy. In the academy he was taught many things but the most important thing he learned was to control his temper and be patient.

He served on the force for three years with honor. He was promoted to the vice squad were he did a lot of undercover work. As an undercover operative he got to see first hand the way the drugs were cut and distributed. He was able to identify several of the local dealers and drug houses.

He was introduced to one of the king pins of the drug traffic and invited on his yacht for a party. During the party he witnessed two women being brutally raped by several of the men on board. Unable to control himself he used his knife and killed the king pin and his bodyguards. He then went to the room where the girls were being held and killed the guards there.

He took the girls off the yacht and told them to wait for him in his car. He went back to the yacht gathered the remaining men on board into a large stateroom. He held a gun on them while they removed all their weapons. He then had each tie up the other. And he tied up the last man.

While they were tied and locked in the stateroom he poured diesel fuel throughout the boat. He removed the tie down ropes and set the yacht a drift right after he set fire to it. Then he went to his car and together they watched as the yacht burned and sunk. The screams of the men in the stateroom could be heard until the boat dropped below the waterline.

He never returned to the police. He set the girls free to go home and start a new life. He began raiding the drug houses and the dealers he knew, killing and taking the money and destroying the drugs.

When Whiskey got word of the destruction he had done he made contact with Cigar and invited him to join the team.

Carol Ann

Work hadn't gone well for Carol Ann Manly today, or for many days it seemed. The time for leaving the office had finally arrived and as quickly as she could she cleared her desk and grabbed her purse and headed out the door.

If she had been a drinking ;person she would have headed to a bar. Drowning her sorrows was not her style. She was looking forward to getting home so she could change her closes to do some exercise.

Darkness came early this time of year. Carol Ann often arrived home as darkness set in. The street lights on her block were just starting their glow leaving the area in half light.

Tonight her mind was on things that were happening at work so she failed to notice the three men in the shadows by her building. When they made their move to grab her she was caught unaware aware. One man placed a rag over her mouth while the other two grabbed her arms and legs and swept her off her feet. The rag was laced with chloroform so the harder she struggled the quicker it put her under.

When Carol Ann regained consciousness she found herself lying on her bed. Her arms and legs were secured to the bed leaving her spread eagle. Her mouth was dry and she had a dull ache in her head. Her clothes had been removed, She knew what to expect from her captures, she had to think of away to prevent them from harming her.

As she lay thinking of what to do she could hear the voices of the men. They must have found her liqueur cabinet and helped themselves. They all sounded like they had more than enough to drink. When they grabbed her she hadn't got a look at them, but as she was not blind folded she knew their intent was not to let her live to identify them.

What she needed was to get free of her bonds, to do that she would have to get someone to release her bonds. she decided to shout out and get the party going before all three of them were on her again.

Carol Ann heard someone approaching the door to her bedroom, when the door opened a man entered alone. He was dressed in jeans and a pull over shirt. She could smell him from across the room. He smelled of sweat and cigarettes and alcohol.

"You make a lot of noise, what do you want?" he asked her as he walked to the bed. He reached out his hand to caress her breast an pinch the nipple. "Are you in a hurry to feel what I have for you?"

"I need to go to the bathroom. If you idiots are planning on partying with me you had better let me pee first." She knew the only way she could get free was to play along. "If you don't you're going to be playing on a wet field."

"I will let you pee, but I am going to watch. I don't want you to do anything foolish." He said with a big grin on his face.

"What can I do to you, you have the knife and out weigh me by 100 pounds.?" Carol Ann knew before she left the bathroom she would have control again.

The man released the bindings from her hand and feet, all the time holding a knife ready to strike if Carol Ann made and sudden moves. What he didn't know about Carol Ann was soon to be his undoing.

As Carol Ann started for the bathroom the man followed closely to see that she didn't try to pick up anything. Once in the small bathroom Carol Ann made a move like she was going to sit on the toilet, the man was watching her body enjoying the view when Carol Ann struck.

Her first strike was her foot to his groin, the next was her palm striking upward on his nose, followed by an elbow to the side of his head. he crashed toward the floor striking his head on the vanity and was out cold before he hit the floor.

Carol Ann used a pair of her stocking to bind his hands and feet trusting them up behind his back.

She picked up his knife and reentered her bedroom. Carol Ann found her work out cloths and put them on. She added a pair of hiking boots with steel toes. Once dressed she felt more powerful.

She left the bedroom silently so she could hear the other two men. They were laughing and drinking in the living room. When she emerged from the hall and the first man saw her he dropped his drink. The glass bounced off the carpet spilling the contents. The second man had began to turn in his seat when Carol Ann reached around his neck with the blade of the knife she held. "If either of you makes a move I'll slice his throat from ear to ear." She spoke in a controlled voice.

"Now that I have your attention I want you, pointing at the man standing, to remove your cloths. Take off everything and place the clothes on the floor."

The man began to protest so Carol Ann tightened her grip on the second man and drew the knife to his throat pricking the skin and drawing blood

."Stop Stalling and get them clothes off before she cuts my throat, you ass." he yelled at the man. He immediately complied.

"Now I want you to come over and remove this mans pants and shoes and socks and place them with your clothes." She wanted them as vulnerable as she had been.

"Now I want you to lay on the floor and put your hands behind you and cross your legs. Once he had complied she made the second man do the same.

Using a roll of duck tape, that she kept in the drawer of the end table, she tore off a piece and put across the eyes of both men, now without vision she felt safe enough to tape their hands and feet. She then cut the rest of the second mans clothes off.

Carol Ann returned to the bathroom and dragged the first man to the living room where she cut his clothes off as well. Then she got her cell phone out of her purse and turned on the camera.

"I am going to ask you all some questions and every time I don't get an answer or one I don't like someone is going to be hurt. I won't say who each time so you will have to guess who it will be. Now nod if you understand." Each man nodded.

"First i want you to tell me your name when I tap you with my foot." Then she tapped the one of the men who replied,"Go top Hell!" Without hesitation Carol Ann drew back her foot and slammed a steel toed boot into the groin of the nearest man.

He Let out a loud grunt and tried to mouth something that came out as "U fucking idiot tell her and stopping fucking around."

When Carol Ann asked the second time he promptly gave his name as Charlie Haas. When she asked the next man he didn't hesitate with his name as Henry Morris the third gave his name as John Cutler. Now that she had their attention she wanted to know what brought this attack on.

"Why were you waiting for me at my building?" She asked as she poked Cutler.

"We were just looking for a little fun." He answered.

"Wrong answer." she said and kicked Haas in the groin.

"What do you say Charlie, what were you doing?"

Through the pain Charlie mumbled that they had been watching her for a while and decided to take her. Without warning she kicked Henry in the groin.

"What do you say Henry is this just to get laid?"

Before he could say anything John spoke up," Okay ,okay we were hired to grab you and rape you. We each got $100 and were told to make it rough. The guy met us on the street and talked through his window of his car. The windows were dark and you couldn't see his face."

"Did you get a license number, what type of car?"

"It was a black Limo, I didn't get a number. I was looking at the money. He gave instructions to get it done soon."

"What were you suppose to do with me after, I had seen your faces and could identify you."

"We were supposed to threaten you of a return visit if you told anyone."

Carol Ann couldn't think at the time who would want this done to her. It would be useless trying to get any more from these jerks. Her best bet was to see if the man who ordered the hit would come back after the three men and then find out who it was.

"What were you supposed to do to let him know the job was done?"

"He said he would know because we were to break an arm as proof."

Carol Ann now understood it had to be someone who saw her on a daily basis. It was a starting point.

Carol Ann gathered up all the clothes and put them in a garbage sack. Then she led the men one at a time to the door and walked them out to the curb and told them to sit. She took the knife she had gotten form John and cut the binds on there legs only.

"I know your faces and your names I am taking your money because you didn't earn it. I Have also written down your addresses. If I should ever see any of you around me again you can be assured there will further consequences. Now get away from here."

While the men were scurrying down the street naked Carol Ann returned to her apartment and locked the door. She picked up all the mess left behind and then poured herself a drink. She pondered who would want to hurt her this way.

The next morning at work Carol Ann was trying hard to maintain her normal routine while still observing those around her to see if she could get a clue who was behind her attack. She eliminated the women as she couldn't fathom a woman wanting that done to another woman. She also eliminated temporary hires and anyone that she had little contact with.

What was left was management personnel, people she had contact with on a daily basis. Why would any of them want her hurt? A thought came to her about a recent decision to stop work on a project that was the pet project of the vice president of sales division. Carol Ann had been the one to point out the problems with the project and was responsible for the project to be canceled.
Jim Manns was the VP of sales. He had been very adamant about his feeling on the cancellation. His temper was well known in the company, Carol Ann would have to make some inquiries about Jim.

Carol Ann contacted the limo service the company used on a daily basis. John Culter had said the guy in the limo had contacted them three nights ago. When she asked who had ordered a limo for that night only Jim Manns had.

While this was not proof, it was a start. Her next move was to see if he made a second contact with the three men. She asked the limo service to let her know if Jim Manns ordered another limo service for after work hours. Knowing where they had met before Carol Ann would wait to see if Jim showed up, then she would have her proof.

Two days later she got a call from the limo service to let her know Jim Manns had ordered a car for that night. It was time to put her plan into action.

Carol Ann dressed in all black clothes and running shoes, she didn't expect to have to run but she wanted to be ready. She arrived at the place where the men said they had met before and found a place to park where she could watch, then she waited.

At ten o'clock she saw John and Henry come out of the bar, they stood on the curb and seemed to be waiting for someone. Shortly a limo pulled up to the curb and lowered the rear window a couple of inched. John leaned over and was talking with the occupant in the back seat.

Carol Ann got out of her car and began to approach the limo when suddenly the driver turned the car into the street and pulled away fast. Carol Ann was able to get the plate number. She continued to the curb and faced John and Henry.

"What did he want this time, My life?" John and Henry turned and ran away.

It was time to get the police involved. Carol Ann went to the police station and ask to fill out a complaint. She waited until an officer came to take her statement. When she was done she asked what would happen next. The officer told her the matter would be given to the District Attorneys office to determine if charges would be filed.

In her complaint Carol Ann had named her three assailants and given their information as to addresses. She had not accused Jim Manns of wrong doing but had given his name as a man of interest based on the information she had about the Limo service.

Two days later she was served with a summons to appear in court. She felt strange that she was being summoned when she was the one who filed the complaint. She decide to contact a friend who was a lawyer. Going to court was never fun and she would rather be safe than sorry.

Her lawyer called her two days later to tell her a counter complaint had been filed against her. The three men who has attacked her were denying everything. What a surprise awaited them.

The day of court there was a man in the back of the courtroom who was there to observe another matter before the court. The case he was interested in was to follow Carol Ann's case so he got to see what happened in her case.

Carol Ann and her lawyer were seated at the defendants table, John, Henry, and Charlie were at the District Attorneys table.

When the case was called the Judge asked the charges be read and the counter charges be read. Then the District Attorney was given the time to address the court.

"We are here today to decide a matter of violation of rights. We have one party that states she was abducted and hell in her apartment against her will. She further claims that the persons responsible intended to rape and harm her." He looked to Carol Ann with a smirk of contempt.

"The three men involved in this alleged incident claim they were the ones who were assaulted and threatened by the complainants. I intend to prove who is right and who is using this court for their own purpose." Then he sat down.

The judge then asked my lawyer if she had any rebuttal.

"I will not waste the courts time on the matter as we will prove our case with the proof we can provide. Thank you your honor."

The District Attorney rose and ask that Henry Moriss be called to the stand. After being sworn in Henry sat in the witness chair. " Mr Moriss can you tell the court in your own words what transpired on the night in question."

"Well Charlie, John and me was sitting outside this apartment building minding our own business when this lady approached us." The District attorney stopped Henry and ask him to identify the lady in question and he point to Carol Ann. "Please continue."

"Well this lady asked us what the three of us were doing around there. Charlie told her we was just looking for some action and would she be interested." He looked around as his friends to see if they watching him and they smiled and nodded their heads in agreement.

"She told Charlie if the three of us wanted some fun to come up to here place. We couldn't believe our good fortune. So we followed her to her place."

"What did you do then?" the District Attorney asked.

"When we got there she offered us a drink, then she went into the bedroom. The three of use sat around drinking until she called for one of us to come in. I went in and the next thing I know she attacked me. She kicked me in my nuts, hit my face in the nose and then slammed her elbow in my head and knocked me out. When I come to I was tied hand foot on the bathroom floor."

"Then what did you do?"

"The next thing I know I was being pulled by my hair into the living room. John and Charlie were there on the floor naked and there hands and feet tied together and there eyes were covered with tape. Then she took us one by one to the door cut the tape on our legs and told us to leave. She had cut my clothes off as well and we was all naked in the street."

"Why do you think she did this to you all?"

"I have no idea she must be crazy of something."

"I have nothing further for this witness."

My lawyer stood up and with a smile on her face she asked," Mr Moriss do you like women?"

"Course I do."

"Would you say you have dated a lot of women over the years?"

"I have had my share."

"How old are you Mr Moriss?"

"Whats that got to do with it? I'm old enough."

"Old enough for what? To rape and hurt women."

"Objection Your Honer." The District Attorney jumped up.


"No further questions at this time." and my lawyer sat down.

"Call you next witness."

"We would like to call Mr John Cutler to the stand"

"State your name and swear in and be seated."

"Mr Cutler we have heard the testimony of your friend Mr Moriss, do you have anything to add?"

"She dammed near cut my throat. Somehow she had a knife and was holding it to my throat while she made charlie undress. Then she started asking question about how we like our sex and if we ever done it together?"

"How long did this go on?"

"She kept us there naked on the floor for an hour or more just looking at us with lust in her eyes."

"Thank you. Nothing further."

"Your Witness."

Carol Ann's lawyer stood up and asked."What questions exactly did Ms. Manley ask you, and please be specific?"

"Well I don't know she wanted to know if we ever did it from behind, or we liked to have her suck us, things like that."

"What was your reply?"

"Why sure we all like that kind of stuff."

"Isn't it true that that is what you told her you were going to do to her while she was tied to the bed. When you were finished you were going to break her arm. That you were going to threaten here you would come back if she told anyone?"


"Over ruled witness will answer."

"We never said no such thing, it is all a lie."

"Thank you your honer nothing further."

"Mr District Attorney are you going to waste this courts time with Mr Haas?"

"No Your Honer, we have shown how this woman mistreated these men to her own pleasure."

"Very Well, Do you have any witnesses for the court?" he asked Carol Ann's lawyer

""Your Honer if it please the court we would like to show a video that will clear things up, then you can decide if the truth was told here today."

"Very Well proceed."

"Objection! we have no knowledge of this video or it's authenticity."

"If it please the court we have no objections of showing it in chambers so you can rule on its validity."

"Court will take a 15 minute recess."

After viewing the video in chambers the court was called back to session.
"Before I make my decision on this case I would like to point out that the District Attorney may have been duped my someone he considers a friend, if so he will need to make a decision on what action to take, that said having viewed the tape the District Attorney would like to make a motion."

"Thank you your Honor. In light of new evidence the case against Ms Manly is dismissed. My office will be seeking justice in this matter and instructs the bailiff to arrest Mr. John Cutler, Mr Charlie Haas and Mr Henry Moriss on charge of perjury, obstruction of justice, kidnapping, and attempted rape."

As Carol Ann and her lawyer were leaving court a man walked up and handed her a card. He told her that someone would be contacting her soon. Then turned an walked away.

When word got out of the case at her work place there were rumors flying about what had happened. When Jim Manns was called in for questioning by the police people began to put two and two together. Two weeks later Jim Manns was let go.

The Monday following Jim Mann's departure Carol Ann found a note under her door at her apartment. It simply said "Please call at your convenience, 775-654-1231, Would like to discuss a private matter."

Carol Ann sat on her sofa with a bottle of water and dialed the number. Her first thought was it was about her dismissed case, but soon found out it was not.

"Thank you for calling, this may sound a little odd to you but please hear me out before you hang up. An associate of mine was in court while your case was heard and he was impressed by how you and your attorney handled it. We are always on the look out for people like you as well as your attorney."

There was a pause then she continued,"We are a small group of people who are working to make the world a better place to live. What we do may never be seen on television or read in a newspaper. We seek justice without glory, seek to destroy without harming the Innocent and provide comfort for those who have suffered."

"We would like the opportunity to offer you the chance to join us. We have knowledge that you will soon be without employment through no fault of your own. Please think it over and call the same number when you have made a decision. We hope to hear from you."

The call was ended, Carol Ann sat there wondering what they knew that she didn't. Carol Ann had never cultivated any friends at work, nor did she have any friends she hung out with. Her only contact with people outside of work were those she saw at the gym.

Carol Ann had lost both her parents to cancer when she was young. She had no siblings or other relatives she was aware of. She led a life of few pleasures and liked it that was. No responsibility for anyone but herself. If she were going to lose her job why not listen to what they had to offer.

Carol Ann arrived at work early, she had wanted to review some work that was done while she was busy with her court case. With the office all but empty she had no distractions. When she was done catching up she filed everything and sent out notices to the departments concerned.

At 9 Am she was summoned to the office of the office manager. Carol Ann was politely asked to resign. The reason given for the request was the turmoil created with the VP of Sales who had been let go. Carol Ann tried to reason that it was not her doing but to no avail. She could resign and be given a generous severance package or fired and given nothing. She did the wise thing and signed the resignation letter.

She was asked to gather her things quietly and leave the building. By noon she was unemployed and had no prospects of further employment.

Carol Ann didn't wait, when she got home she called the number and requested an interview. If they were willing to give a job she was ready to find out more about it.
With resume in hand Carol Ann set out to meet her new friends.

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