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Phase One
Setting Up House
They found a small deserted farm five miles out in the county to set up home base. It had been empty for sometime so the Realtor was willing to work out a deal for a six month lease.
The Place consisted of a three bedroom house, a large 100 x 100 foot metal building, machine shed 50 x 50 feet and a smaller 24 x 24 foot storage barn.
There was only one road leading to the farmstead. The area around the buildings was clear with a cedar tree wind break on the north side of the house.
The house itself was in good condition. It had vinyl siding, the roof was old but still in good shape. The windows had been replaced when the siding was done.
They furnished the house with two single beds in each bedroom and a dresser. The living room was used for a meeting room and had a 42" screen television with a built in VCR.
The kitchen /dining room had a large table for meals, microwave oven, electric stove and oven, a 18 ft refrigerator. Plates and silverware they carried from place to place.
They busied themselves moving in their equipment and then went to the storage building to set up for delivery of supplies. They planned to spend a month or two in the area and didn't want to have to shop for things any more than necessary.
The vehicles they would use were untraceable. Should they ever need to be abandoned them they would not lead back to them.
The tool shed would be used to store weapons and ammo as well as the gear they would need for operations. There was ample room for any items they would later confiscate.

Each member of the group was responsible for their own gear and keeping it ready at all times. Each mission they would check each other to see if there was anything missing or that needed to be replaced. They operated much like a military unit with rigid discipline. A mistake by one could put the whole group in jeopardy.
With all the work completed the group assembled in the house to eat. Everyone was on KP and took turns preparing meals. Most meals were ate out or picked up and brought in. However occasionally a meal was cooked in house. When ever they were setting up a new place the first meal was always Pizza.

Whiskey had left earlier to pick up dinner and arrived a short time after everyone was done work.
Phase Two Recon

With all the sports venues as well as the collage sports teams the traffic from people visiting the city can get quite congested. With this traffic comes outside sources for all the crime that take place in the city. The first mission is to find the locations of storage facilities for the drug traffic, prostitution and illegal gambling operations and any other illegal activities.
The team split up each taking a different area of the city. The neighborhoods where drugs were prevalent Alien and Spider would search.
Whiskey would take the law enforcement sector and try to develop a contact.
Hamhock would take the black community and find out who was fighting the drugs and who the leaders were that ran the drugs.
Cigar would handle the Cuban-Spanish neighborhood.
Whiskey took the round about way to make a contact; he located a bar where many of the law enforcement types went to unwind. Anyone new in the bar was going to stand out so it took a few visits to be accepted.

On the third night he was approached by one of the detectives from the local precinct, his name was George McGowan every one called him Mac. Whiskey had seen him around every night and had asked about him. The word got back to Mac and that was why he approached Whiskey.

Mac was six foot two and went a solid two hundred pounds. He wore his hair in a crew cut and dressed well but not flashy. His drink of choice was club soda with a twist of lemon.

Mac was senior office in the homicide division, not the department Whiskey wants to connect to. Thinking that once in a connection to the narcotic division would be made.

Whiskey greeted Mac with a handshake and offered to buy a drink. Once each had a drink Mac asked if they could move to a quiet table and talk. Mac wanted to learn what Whiskey was doing in the area, as he was a stranger. Whiskey didn’t know if Mac was one of the good guys or on someone’s payroll so he didn’t reveal anything at this time. Whiskey told Mac he and some friends had come to the area to scout out the fishing and to take in a few sports games. Mac knew that was not really true but didn’t push it.

Whiskey did manage to find out that the police were having a difficult time lowering the crime rate. They had been trying to stop the crime by infiltration but anyone trying to get in was immediately spotted and either killed or made.

When Whiskey asked him what his take was on it Mac told him whom he thought were the ones involved. He knew there were people in the department feeding information to the criminal element but had not been able to stop the leak. Higher ups and politicians were stymieing his superiors.

Whiskey was not able to get any information on any on going investigations, however he did learn a few names of the players. It was a start and as soon as the group went into action there would be more to learn.

Spider was able to use one of her disguises to look like she belonged in the area. That enabled her to observe the dealers and to pinpoint drug houses. She was also able to observe the pimps and their girls. It was something she had dealt with before and was not happy to see the same sex traffic trade as she had dealt with in New York.

Spider made a special effort to locate the flophouses used to keep the girls when they weren’t on the street. She wanted to connect with one or two of the younger girls but her disguise as a homeless woman might give her cover away.

Alien tried to make a couple of buys to establish him as a user to the pushers. He paid a junkie to get him introduced so they wouldn’t ask too many questions about his background.

He made a few buys from the drug houses as well as on the street. After two weeks he was established in the area as a regular.

Cigar fit right in as a cousin to one of the Cubans he made friends with by offering to help him with a loan. He let it be known he was new to the area and looking for a place to set up a business. He frequented the local bars and bought drinks for many on a regular basis.
While in the bars he observed the dealers selling and the enforcers of those who failed to pay.

Women always surrounded him because of his good looks and the fact he had money. He took advantage of his popularity to gather information about individuals he noticed coming in the bars that people seemed to show a lot of respect to.

Hamhock used the same tactics that Cigar used in the black community. His size and good nature allowed him to make friends easily. By the end of a week he had located the dealers, bosses and the drug houses.

While moving around the area he noted the streets and how they could be used for escape routes. He noted the times the houses were vulnerable. He located the bosses homes and what their daily routine was.
After a week of infiltration and information gathering it was time to plan the next series of attacks. Before they could start there was one more matter to take care of. They needed to find out who the heads of the syndicate were and plan how they would deal with them.

Phase Three Making arrangements

Using the information gathered from the infiltration of the syndicates activities, the group went into action.

The first action the group always took was recon of the area. All roads in the area were driven and avenues of escape and evasion were planned. Since they would be operating outside the law they would need to avoid contact with both the Local law and the element which they were dealing with. Timing of distances on each route were noted, turn offs located, temporary hiding places and relay points for vehicle exchanges were all logged.

Medical emergency locations and times of response had to checked as well for both law and medical response teams. These checks were made for both daylight as well as evening hours.

While some of the group worked at getting the travel routes checked another part of the group set up surveillance on the targets that were to be hit. Information on the comings and goings of personal, vehicles and deliveries were essential to stage timed assaults.

This operation was to be two fold; Stop the on going operation and eliminate the leaders. two find the outside source of management and seek to destroy it as well.

Unlike the previous mission of destroying drugs this operation involved people being smuggled in for prostitution, and other sorts of slavery. As well as arms smuggling.

Once the people were freed they would have to be cared for and relocated. Some would probably need medical attention. Since using the normal channels would not be available other places needed to be set up and staffed. Using their vast research sources to locate local contacts, people they could trust, they set up safe havens for the girls.

Phase Four Identify and Destroy
The next stage of the operation was to identify the players and what method to use to destroy them. It would not be enough to just eliminate them but to eliminate them but to eliminate the entire operation to include places of business and associates.
In a city the size of Tampa, FL with all its sport venues and tourism the possibility of collateral damage would have to be kept to a minimum.
While the group would not risk the lives of others the scum they would be dealing with would not hesitate to harm others. Their ruthless actions is what brought them to the attention of the group.
The local media had reported only a few of the actions of this operation. If some media person got too close to the truth they were threatened of eliminated. Fear of reprisal shut down reporting on any illegal actions.
Local law enforcement was stymied by the people not wanting to get involved for fear they too would become victims.
Many witnesses were threatened or their families were. Arrest were made and charges had to be dropped for lack of proof. It was if the city were being held hostage. This would soon stop.
This phase of the operation was put in effect. The best way to get someones attention was to startle them into reality. The only way to do that was to fight fire with fire.
The group had located one of the transfer locations and set up a plan to destroy it and any persons involved, while at the same time rescue the helpless.
The warehouse was located near the docks. The building was and old metal frame about the size of half a football field. The inside had been sectioned into three large rooms. One room contained three rows of ten metal cots. each covered by a single blanket and no sheets.
The second room was filled with crates stacked five high along one wall. Opposite of the crates were 5 tables on which were an assortment of tools. A set of scales was on each table and there were boxes filled with plastic bags and what looked to be curling iron.
The third room was empty except for a desk and three chairs.
Their sources had informed them that a shipment was do in the next night. It was time for action
The procedure that they would use was to unload the container on the dock and then take the cargo to the warehouse. There the cargo was staged for delivery.
The team prepared for a two fold attack. One group would wait till the cargo was loaded and on the way to the warehouse then create a distraction to keep s the men from the heading to the warehouse while second team was raided the warehouse.

The group set up a distraction at the unloading point by posing as customs agents. They questioned the men about the contents of the container, knowing that the contents had already been removed. Since the contents had already been removed and was not available for inspection the men were told to wait at the dock until they were able to check further on the where about of the cargo. Once the word came that the warehouse was secure they .
The second group waited at the warehouse for the cargo to arrive. The team was deployed around the warehouse. Each team member had their assignments. Once the cargo was in the building they would begin their attack.
The first thing was to eliminate the guards outside the building, they were shot by silenced rifles. Once entry had been gained three more men were eliminated with silenced pistols. Once the five men had been eliminated the team continued their mission.
When two of the team members reached the first room they explained to those people that were in the first room what was happening.
The other members of the team set about loading the rest of the cargo and the crates in the second room. The captives were then loaded into waiting vehicles for transport to the safe houses.
Once at the safe houses they were given a medical check up, fed and given new clothes. They were then shown to their quarters. They were told they were now free but would be interviewed in the morning.
Once the warehouse had been cleared charges were set to blow the building. When the men from the dock arrived they were allowed to enter the building. With everyone inside the team began firing at the warehouse.
With men inside pinned down the charges that had been set while emptying the warehouse were detonated. The building became a large ball of fire and imploded on itself. The men inside were trapped and perished in the fire.
On a metal shed near the building that had not been destroyed a message was placed that read" This is Just the beginning".

Phase Five Going After Prostitution
The media had a field day with the fire and the discovery of the remain of the ten men in the building. No one claimed responsibility, and the message left behind was not mentioned anywhere.
There was speculation that some new enterprise was trying to muscle into the syndicates territory. The most logical group was the Cubans from Miami.
It was time to put more pressure on. Since the cargo form the container had been people the next attack would be on the prostitution action controlled by the syndicate.
The group didn't think they could wipe out prostitution , however,they wanted to put a stop to the abuse and control that the syndicate had on them.
Having identified the flop houses used to keep the girls under control they made that the first place to attack.
At any one time there could be fifty girls living in the squallier of the houses. Three and four girls in a room with a bed for three. There was no fans or air conditioning. At times when they weren't working the streets the girls were forced to submit to their guards and the guards friends.
Most of the girls had been force to use drugs and were now dependent on them. The money they earned each night was not their own and if they were found to be holding back they were beaten. Many of the girls did not speak much English. were from different countries and had a hard time understanding each other. This kept them from planning any escapes.
The only good thing was that they were given good medical treatment. They were checked weekly for STD's (Sexually transmitted diases). If a girl got injured by a John or one of the guards they were given medical treatment to get them back in action as quickly as possible. Someone sick in bed did not make money.

The team set up observation post at the main areas where the girls worked the street. They also had the hotels used watched for the girls that were not on the street but "Escorts".
The operation was put in effect with a three fold attack. Spider and the new recruit Carol Ann, would mingle among the girls to let them know something was going to happen. They had to be careful to single out the Mother girl who would report anything unusual that was happening to the bosses.
When the "Mother" was identified Spider would ask her to accompany her to a waiting vehicle. She was then told to call for help from her boss and to make it sound like they needed more than one person.
At first she didn't want to comply. She feared that those same men would harm her or even kill her if they knew she had set them up. It took some gentle persuasion. She was told the men coming to the rescue would be killed, if she didn't want to cooperate she would join them. If you are not a part of the solution you are part of the problem.
Carol Ann gathered the girls in a group and told them they needed to follow her. She led them to a waiting truck and loaded them in. They were then driven to a safe location.
Shortly a black Escalade arrived and six men got out. When they didn't see any girls working the street they started to shout for the girls to come out or they would be punished. When none showed up the man, who looked to be in charge, signaled the men to return to the escalade.
Once every man had returned and got in the SUV Whiskey fired a rocket, that came from the stock pile in the warehouse, into the Escalade. The explosion lifted the vehicle into the air and flipped it over. The men inside were consumed by the resulting fire and explosion of the gas tank. No one survived.
This action was repeated at three other locations. All of the girls were taken away safely. The six men who came to take care of the problem were dispatched the same way.
The next thing the team did was attack the flop houses. At each location there were four men guarding the girls. One man was at a desk in the front of the building. One man patrolled the outside of the building and two men stayed in the break area or Kitchen.
The girls were all housed in the rooms and the doors were locked. The only time they were let out was to eat and use the bathroom. They were allowed to shower before going out and when they returned.
There were five houses located in different areas of the city. The girls in each were sent out in that district only. Some areas were better to work in than others and the girls that were considered bad went to the worst areas as punishment.
To prevent one location from alerting the others it was decided to take out one house at a time and do it quickly so the other were not alerted.
Whiskey led the attack on the first house with Hancock and Cigar. While Hancock took out the outside man Whiskey took out the man by the phone. Cigar silenced the other two in the break area.
Whiskey found the keys for the girls' rooms and went by an unlocked them. Then Carol Ann and Spider came in and calmed the girls down and got them out of the house and into vans and sent them away to the designated holding area.
At the second location they repeated the action of the first without incident. All the houses were location apart from other homes. Apparently to keep nosy neighbors from reporting the screams of the girls being raped.
So after the other three houses were emptied Hancock set charges in all the homes and with the dead bodies in the houses he blew them all up.
The resulting fires were quickly extinguished by the fire department in the respective areas. The police were notified when the bodies were found, but they could not be identified.
When the final tally was made there were over 120 girls freed. Some as young as 14, the oldest being twenty. The "Mothers" were given the opportunity to assist with arrest of many of the pimps. Those refusing to help were charge with accessory to the crimes.

The media once again had a field day. They reported that somehow all the girls had been out of the houses and that a gas leak was responsible for the explosions. This was the story given to them by law enforcement and the fire department.

Phase Six Notifying the Syndicate.
It was time to notify the syndicate of what they were up against. Whiskey used a burner phone to call the top man for the local area. He had been mentioned to him by his detective contact Mac.
His name was Roland Charleston, he operated from the suites atop the biggest building in Tampa. He had his office on one floor and his living quarter above on the top floor. The elevator to his floors was only accessible by a coded key. Only he and a select group of people had the key.
He was always surrounded by a cadre of armed men. They worked in shifts of 12 hours on 12 hours off. Each was armed with a Glock 45 or Beretta 25.
He was unmarried, and used a girl from his stables when he felt the need for female companion. He ate most meals in house, only going out for charity events and meetings. He had an extensive array of clothing for all occasions and was considered fashionable.
He was on a first name basis with the owners of all the sport teams in the city as well as the mayor and many judges and politicians. He considered himself untouchable by law enforcement and had never been arrested for any crime.
The first call went as expected, Mr Charleston denied he had anything to do with any criminal activities in the city. He said he was a respected business man and would welcome the opportunity to meet with the caller. Fat Chance.
Whiskey declined his offer and instead offered to give him another demonstration of his vulnerability. Mr. Charleston erupted in a rage. He spewed a torrent of threats and vows of revenge. Whiskey Hung up on him.

Now that they had been told they were under attack the security around their operations was increased. The move was expected and welcomed. The more people around the more people to eliminate.

Phase 7 Going After The Drugs

Having struck at some of the activities controlled by the syndicate was not enough to close them down. As long as they had money coming in to finance their activities they would continue to operate.
Drugs where the main source of funds to the syndicate. The money was all cash transactions and easily available so that was the next target.
The experience they had gained from their previous endeavors would serve the team in it's operations.
From the information gather during recon the team had pin-pointed several crack houses, They also located the warehouses where the shipments came in. It was time to develop a plan of operation.
The team met at the farmhouse with pizza and beer (their favorite meal) to lay out the plan of attack. With several places spread out around the city it would take time to be plan how to make multiple hits in one strike.
The team split up in to three groups of two. Whiskey and Carol Ann would attack the crack houses on the north part of the city.
Alien ans Spider would take the south end of the city.
Cigar and Hancock would get the black district.
Once they had succeeded on their mission at the crack houses they would combine to attack the warehouses.
The best time to attack was early in the morning (3 or 4 AM). At this hour there was less traffic and the houses would be full of cash. It was also when people were most vulnerable because of fatigue.
To attack the house each team would be armed with silenced pistols and use C4 to blow the reinforced doors. From the scouting done in recon they knew that each house had an outside man to frisk anyone entering to buy.
Inside were two or three men taking turns to answer the door and give out drugs. Each operation had to be done quickly to eliminate anyone sounding the alarm.
At 2:5 AM all teams were in place to begin. Each team had three houses to strike. The plan was to have one person approach wanting to buy. The second team member would then take out the outside man while he was distracted. Then a small charge would be placed on the door where the hinges were. Once the doors were blown the team would enter and eliminated anyone inside. Then they would quickly locate any money or drugs then leave for the next location.
All teams were miked to communicate to each other. On Whiskeys command the attacks began. As each house was cleared the teams reported in if there were any injuries or complications. The speed of the attacks did not allow for anyone to make contact with anyone else as they were quickly dispatched as soon as the doors were breached.
Each house took no more than 15 minutes to gain entrance kill the occupants and recover the money and drugs. By using silenced guns the noise was kept to a minimum, only the pop of the explosive charges when the door was blown open could be heard out side the building. Since the houses were not located near other occupied buildings no one set off any alarms.

At 4 :15 AM the entire team was in place at the warehouses. There were no outside guards as the place had cameras set to cover the perimeter.
The way to gain entrance would be by creating a diversion on the out side of the fence area, The hope was to draw some of the men inside to come out to investigate.
While the men were otherwise engaged Whiskey and Hancock would gain entrance and eliminate anyone inside.

To set the plan in action Spider and Carol Ann pretended to have a fight at the gate leading to the warehouse. Two men came out of the warehouse and began shouting at the girls. by this time the girls had manage to show the men some glimpses of skin which drew the men's attention away from the building.
While the girls continued to fight the men unlocked the gate to come out and try to stop the girls.While this was going on Whiskey and Hancock had managed to reach the door to the warehouse and were inside before anyone noticed.
The first room they reach was the room with the monitors, Two men were watching the monitor showing the girls fighting and did not hear them enter. Two quick shots from their silenced pistol and Whiskey had sent them to see there maker. Once thy did that they let the girls know they were in.
The two men watching at the gate were caught off guard when Spider drew her pistol and shot them. The girls each took a man and dragged him into the warehouse. They put the men in the room with the other two dead men.
While this was going on Whiskey and Hancock searched the warehouse for any more bodies. When none were found the signaled for Alein and Cigar to bring the truck to the warehouse loading dock.
The warehouse was loaded with crates of all sizes. There were four separate areas with different size crates. The team members began opening the boxes to see what they had.
In one section the boxes were full of small arms and ammunition. There were Glocks and Uzi's as well as Riot shotguns. There were 5 crates of ammunition and 5 crates of guns. Cigar located a fork lift and began loading the crates.
The next section had ten long boxes fill with shoulder fired rocket launchers. They were quickly loaded as well.
The third area boxes were filled with bricks of cocaine and marijuana, The estimated street value was in the millions.
The fourth area had what looked like shrink wrapped bales of money. There were ten bales each measuring 8 foot square.
Everything fit in the semi so a second trip would not be needed. One the truck was packed and driven away the remaining team members set to work deploying explosives. Unlike the time before they didn't detonate the explosives right away.
Whiskey went to the room where the monitors were and searched for a number he could call to contact someone up the line.
Using the cell phone of one of the deceased men he made a call. When who ever answered Whiskey began shouting"We're under fire and attack send some help quick." He then fired off a couple of rounds from the mans gun and hung up.
The team left the warehouse and set up observation near by. They didn't have to wait long before four cars drove into the parking lot and men began jumping out with weapons drawn.
Two men remained at the entrance while the rest went inside. Once they were all in the two men outside were shot. The remote for the explosives was pressed and the warehouse was destroyed with the men inside.
The team departed and returned to the farm house. Once there they unloaded the semi in one of the out buildings. They took an inventory of the haul and were amazed at how much they had recovered. Along with the guns and ammunition, rockets and drugs they had several million dollars in cash.

Phase Eight Making a Clean Sweep

Knowing what happens when you start celebrating to soon there was no celebration the team immediately began plans for the the next operation.
The plan was simple go back to recon the areas of interest. Listen and learn what was being said on the street. When ever something big like this goes down there is always talk.
It only took a week before they had located three more warehouses which the syndicate used for their operation.
The next thing was to observe the operations at night and day. The team split in to groups and set working schedules to take turns watching the three locations.
As they expected the security for each location had been fortified. Outside the guard was double, using a head count from coming and going men they had a good idea of the manpower inside as well.
Cameras were installed on all corners of the building so they covered the entire area around the buildings at all times. The outside guards were all miked to the men inside so any activity outside was immediately passed to the men inside.
When ever a load was brought in to the warehouse extra guards were present, if there was anything loaded out it was guarded as well.
Plan A was to take one warehouse at a time, but all in one night. To do that communications between the warehouses had to disrupted. If the men at the first warehouse were able to notify the others the plan would fail.

With a six man team to pull off the seemingly impossible they would need to pair into teams. Each team would cover one warehouse. when they had completed their mission they would assist one of the other teams. If a team was unable to complete their assigned task the other teams would try to assist if able to.

With all the supplies and equipment that had been gathered from the previous raids and the items they began with being outfitted for the task was not the problem. Each team was supplied with weapons for covert operations, explosives and monitoring.
Before selecting which sights each pair would attack the team went to each warehouse and outlined a plan of attack. all members of the team were encouraged to point out problem areas, access and exit routes, and any other information to help the operation go smoothly.
Once each warehouse was planned out, a dry run was conducted by each team. Each warehouse was observed three nights in a row. Times of guard change, habits of the guards, communications and visitors were all logged and then analyzed. Once the group was satisfied they could safely complete the mission, last minute preparation's were made and the night selected for the attacks.
In any good plan of operation there is always something that could happen that was not planned for. Weather was always figured into the plan, however, there is nothing that can predict how severe the weather can be. The team could handle the changes in the weather, but they were not fools so they did the smart thing. They planned an abort plan.
In Florida, there was little likelihood of snow, so rain and wind were the only factors to consider. Using the latest forecast from three different sources they were able to get a good idea of any drastic weather changes they may face.
Before they planned to attach arrangement were made for additional trucks to haul off the supplies in the warehouses. Drivers were told to remain in the trucks while they were loaded. They were then directed to a holding area and told to park and lock the trucks and leave. They were paid once the truck reached the holding area.

Phase Nine The Attacks
Warehouse One: Armory
Location: Old Army base
Size: 150' X 250' 3 stories high. Material: Metal
The warehouse was surrounded by smaller buildings, all empty and abandoned. One road in or out, paved.
The base had been unused for sometime and the trees and bushes had grown around the building to with in 50 feet. There was a large double door that opened like a hanger door side to side. There were two walk in doors one on the east side of the building and one on the south end of the building. No windows on any side of the building.
The only view of the interior was when the double doors were opened for delivery's. Long aisles of stacked crates filled the floor area of the building, there were no upper levels.
The crates were of uniform shape an size. Forklifts moved the pallets around and other than the operators no other laborers were visible.
The security inside the building during the day was handled by two men with Machine pistols. The shift change was made every 8 hours. The outside of the building was not patrolled during the day.
At night there were two men inside and two men outside that walked around the building. There were cameras at the corners of each building rotating to cover the area outside. There were large Halogen lamp lights mounted on the building and on poles that lit the area up like daytime.
To the untrained eye it looked impregnable. However this team was not untrained.
The attack plan would have to be precise to insure entry before discovering what was happening. The Team was able to secure one of the trucks that had been seen delivering to the warehouse. The driver was given a choice of cooperating of elimination, he chose wisely.
There was no gate to get past and no fence around the area. Using the truck as a guise of delivery they would strike once someone came to check on the cargo. One person would be responsible for the outside men and the other the inside men.
Using silenced guns to avoid alerting the others and then using flash bangers to shock the remaining men as they gained access. Once the guards had been eliminated the remaining team would enter to assist.
If no assistance was needed the pair would begin loading out as much of the crates as the truck would hold. If another truck was needed it was called in and loaded.
They then would set charges to destroy any remaining supplies and the building. Using a timer to allow themselves time to clear the area they would be long gone when the building went. up.

Warehouse Two: Drugs
Location: Commercial Park
Size: 100'X 75' Concrete Block
This building was the smaller and busier than the Armory. The traffic in and out was heavier as well.
Located on the corner of a series of similar buildings access was not as wide open. Using the building near by they were able to observe the security measures. There were windows on the east and west sides of the building. There was a loading dock with two overhead doors.
At one end of the loading dock there was a walk-in door. On the east side was an entry to what looked to be an office. Three women went in and out daily. They appeared to be either secretaries or bookkeepers. To all outward appearances it was just a normal warehouse.
Security during the day was only inside and in the warehouse. The forklift drivers and laborers didn't appear to have weapons. Once the deliveries for the day were done the overhead doors were locked and at 5 PM the girls all departed.
From a count of personnel and regular changing of the guards there were deem to be three men in the building at all times. The cameras outside covered the area which were probably monitored inside. The entire complex was patrolled by a roving vehicle that past the warehouse every hour. There was a fence around the complex as well.
The attack plan had to be timed to get in and out without the roving patrol knowing what had happened until it was too late.
To gain entry to the complex a truck would be used acting as a delivery to the adjacent warehouse. From there the team would attack thru the loading dock walk in door. while observing the guards it was noted that they did not lock the door when they came out to look around the area. by neutralizing the guard outside then gaining entry they hope to surprise the remaining two guards inside.
Using the silenced weapons they hoped to have enough time to silence the one monitoring the cameras and stop him from alerting the others.
Once the warehouse had been secured charges would be placed to assure the destruction of the drugs and the building. Anything other than drugs which could be used would be loaded in the truck before setting the timer.

Warehouse Three: The Money Pit.
Location: Storage Complex in the dock area
Size: 100 X 100 Metal and brick combo.
This warehouse would be the most difficult to destroy. It was guarded day and night by armed sentries inside and out. The building was located in the middle of the complex. Access was by a single lane road that had a barrier 50 feet from the building. There were no less than thirty men in or around the building at any one time.
This was the the last warehouse to be attacked. If all the others were a success the whole team would be present for the attack.
While doing the recon of the area around the warehouse a vulnerable spot was found where one person could gain entry undetected. The brush had grown up to the fence and would shield someone cutting through the fence at night.
Once the person had gained entry there could be a distraction made and the lone person could gain entrance to the warehouse unnoticed. Or they hoped so.
On the perimeter two of the team would be in position on either side of the warehouse, their target would be the guards on their side of the building. One team member would be in the back of the building to cover the one going through the fence, then take out the guards at that end. The remain two team members would attack from the front.
Once again the timing was set for early morning. If entry was gained through the fence charges would be placed at the rear of the building using a timer set to go off at 3:30 AM.
Once the explosion detonated the team would begin to eliminate the guards. Once the outside was cleared they would force entry inside and eliminate any resistance.
The abort plan was to eliminate what you could and then fall back and disburse until they could reach the safety of the farm.
At 3:00AM the team was in position, they were all wearing full armor and carrying weapons they would need. They were miked and knew how to silently signal each other.
At 3:25 One team member began to cut the fence. By 3:28 AM they had cut through and were setting the charges. One of the rear guards was taken out when he got too close. The second was eliminated when he spotted the other guard on the ground and before he could put out an alarm.
At 3:30 the charges were ignited and the rear wall of the warehouse disappeared. The remaining guards were quickly dispatched and the front two team member breached the front of the building. The remaining team members quickly followed.
When the rear of the building went up all those inside ran to prevent entry through the gaping hole in the wall. Before they could recover the entry team was behind them and took them out.
The warehouse was indeed the money location. There were tables set up with counting machines and shrink wrap rolls at every station. Once the bungles were rapped they were stacked on pallets. The tables were currently empty and the machine idle.
There were six rows of pallets stacked three high and ten pallets long. Who said crime doesn't pay.
The team called in one of the semi's and quickly loaded out the pallets. Once loaded they departed.
The team set charges around the warehouse and piled the dead bodies in the middle. If the blast didn't destroy their identity the ensuing fire would.
The night had been a great success. Now the time had come to prevent this happening again.

Phase Ten Cut off the head
When word reached Roland Charleston that all three warehouses had been hit and the extent of the damage and loss he could hardly contain his anger. If the person who called had been in the room he would have shot them.
For three days after the attacks Rolly, as he was known, was on the phone to suppliers trying to arrange for products. He called his overseas operation and told the bosses there what had happened.
In just a short while he had lost his drug business, his prostitutes, his weapons and most important his cash.
What he didn't know was that all his calls had been compromised. The teams support had tapped into all calls going in and out. The names of all the drug contacts, the girl trade, and his weapons suppler where Identified.
Police and special forces in other countries were notified and raids were being made on all operations.
The local media were tipped to the losses and who was responsible for the operations. Anyone who had ever had dealing with Rolly or who had been seen with him at any function were suddenly unavailable for comment.
When the police arrived at his building to arrest Rolly they found him in his office at his desk. He was dead from a gun shot to the back of his head. There were no other people around. The offices on the remaining floors were empty.
When the files on the computers and the hard copies from the file cabinets were analyzed many business men where suddenly not available.
In a secret drawer in Rolly's desk a list of pay offs to prominent citizens and government officials was found. That discovery was the damming factor that ended many careers.
The team had completed their mission in Tampa, Fl. It was time to pack up and move on. With the money an all the rest they had the means to bring down a small country, but they weren't finished with this country yet.

Authors Comment
I hope you enjoyed this fictitious story about the crime world. It is a known fact that these criminal acts do occur in many of our cities. The law enforcement teams battle to stop them from happening.
There is so much money to be made that buying someones help is nothing to these people. Buying influence in government is common place.
The war goes on, look for more about the drug fighting group as they attempt to stem the tide of crime.
© Copyright 2016 Lorin charles (lorin1849 at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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