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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2071779
Not everything is as it seems on the planet of Koskim. Especially for Hicton.

The Next World Leader’s Reputation

     “Every ten years we get a new World Leader, and for the past four times you have tried to get it,” said Clarinc. “What makes you thing this time will be any different than the others.”

     “Why are you talking to me like that?” Hicton asked as he rolled over onto his back on his borrowed Sleeping Unit. “You are supposed to be World Leader Coordinator.”

     “Because I am your Coordinator,” answered Clarinc. “I’m only asking questions that you might have to answer today. I just want you to be prepared for almost anything.”

     “I thought I was doing pretty good this time around,” said Hicton. “This is the best chance I’ve gotten to becoming the next World Leader of Koskim.”

     “Yes, you are.” Clarinc sat down in a nearby chair. “You need to do better though.”

     Hicton got out of his Sleeping Unit. “I am in second, and I’m not that close to being number one.”

     “That’s why you are have to get better,” said Clarinc. “You still have a lot way to go before you are number one.”

     Bending over Hicton picked up his soft Long Outerwear. “I didn’t realize it was that bad.”

     “Stop doing that,” said Clarinc. “We don’t have time to do that. You have to get ready for today’s Meeting of the Minds.”

     “How many stops do I have today?” Hicton asked as he put on his Long Outerwear.

     “You have six today,” answered Clarinc. “The first one is at the PeaMond Learning Center.”

     “Why am I meeting at a Community Learning Center? Kids can’t decide who is the next World Leader.”

     “No they can’t, but there are Instructors there and the Staff too who can. Those kids also have parents too,” said Clarinc.

     “What else have I got to meet with today?” Asked Hicton as he started getting dressed.

     “You have two big businesses, two Advanced Community Learning Centers and a Woman Leader’s group.”

     “Can’t I skip any of them? I’m still tired from our last Community we visited,” Hicton asked then said.

     Clarinc just sat there with his leg crossed over his other upper leg. “No, you can’t. You need all the support that you can get.”

     “Do you really think my chances of becoming the next World Leader are that bad?” Hicton had his pants on, and was now searching for just the right shirt to wear. He had checked out several of them already he didn’t like.

     “I think you have a very good chance of winning this title this time,” said Clarinc. “Especially if no one finds out your little secret. They don’t find out about me.”

     Just then the Video Monitor in the upper corner of the room they were in came on – by itself. “This just in,” said a female Announcer. The name on display in front of her said Torrina. Hicton is now number one, but it might not last for long. We just got word that he has been hiding something, and we found out what that something is.”

     Hicton tapped the only button on a little box on a small table by the Sleeping Unit. It froze the Announcer. “You don’t think they found out about you – do you?” Hicton asked.

     “I hope not,” said Clarinc. “There’s only one way to find out.”

     Clarinc sat in a chair next to that small table. He reached over and tapped the button on the little box.

     “Hicton is involved with an Adult Doll,” the Announcer continued. “Not only is he involved with it, but it’s his Coordinator for the title of next World Leader. He talks to it all the time – and it talks back to him.”

     Throwing the little box at the Video Monitor shuts it off. Hicton looked over at Clarinc. Who sat unclothed on that chair with his one leg still crossed. His below the waist couldn’t be seen. He had a mouth, but it couldn’t speak. Clarinc could open his mouth, and he could move, but speaking Adult Dolls couldn’t do.

The Word Count, including this line, is 682.

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