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A story about a girl name Forrest who finds her prince after a fatherless childhood
There once was a girl who lived in the forest with her mom and little sister, her father died at the age of 10 but owned a hardware store so he left to his family,The Jacobs. Her mother and herself were determined to keep the store going and also their family so that is what they did. Her parents were intelligent, amazing, kind and had a love and fascination with anything that dealt with nature. That's the reason they chose to live and rear up their family in the forest. When they moved in to the forest, they bought a stable with 22 horses, 2 cats and i dog then decided that when they had children they would allow them to name the animals. 3 years later that finally happened when the had a bouncing baby girl in which they named Forrest after their passion.She was a natural blonde with green highlights with green eyes and they spoilt her as she grew each and everyday with love, gifts and compassion even though they were poor. Her parents started carrying her to the stables and as soon as she got accustom to the stable it became her second home. She loved the animals and cared for them very much and started to name them randomly until she named 10 horses and the cats and dogs. Her favorite animal of all was a grey horse which she named Grey. She claimed he was her favorite because he was so different and special. After 4 years her parents had another baby which was another girl that they named Flora. Now she on the other hand was a natural brunette with green highlights and green eyes just like her sister.The two of them put together were both beautiful girls and and their parents thought so too. Everything was going well for this family.............. that was until Mr.Jacobs died after 6 years Flora was born.The whole family was devastated except Flora due to the fact she was just only six. So Forrest and her mother was the ones grieving for their loss and trying to cope with being family without a man figure. Over the first few years it was hard but eventually they got use to it and cherish and loved the moments and memories they all shared with Mr. Jacob. When Flora was 11 years old, her mother and sister told her about the death of her father but since she only had 6 years of knowing her father she only had few memories of him but it still hurt her to know her father had died. Now that the entire family knows and understood what happened, they comforted themselves in their grieving times. Over the years they learnt how to deal with their emotions, healed their hearts and soon the memory of Mr. Jacobs became a blessed thought for them. Anyway, as the years passed Mrs. Jacobs took the girls into the city to explore and know more about their kingdom along with learning about their father's hardware store. The girls learnt that they had a king,Richard who had married the queen,Elizabeth Mandes, and had had a son who was about the same age as Forrest and was just an adorable little thing. The royal family ruled the kingdom with loyalty, dignity, kindness, integrity and love.They love the kingdom and did all that they could for it.The girls learnt that the prince's name was Aiden and when he finds a bride he would take over the kingdom after he completes his studies a few years after he turns eighteen. All these things the girls learnt and they really enjoyed it because it wasn't often they went into the kingdom so it was really exciting for them to learn about it and their leaders.
That was 6 years ago and now the have grown into extra beautiful girls who help their mother their mother in any way they can. Forrest is 21 years old and is still living with her mother in the forest along with her now 17 year old sister. Forrest has obtained her high school knowledge and longs to be a general practitioner and a cardiologist. That way she can help people with their heart problems because she never got the chance to help her dad with his. She still loves animals and has gained a mass knowledge about how to take care of them and deal with them. Over the years as she grew she made friends with a guy name Alex who was always there for her as a brother figure.They were best friends and he was also her co-worker.He got along very well with her sister and mother and was a very great guy but she never really liked him in that way and only thought of as the brother she always wanted. They both worked at the kingdom biggest and only hospital.They both were nurses but while Alex was satisfied with his job, Forrest wanted to be promoted to her dream career but she has no knowledge of the profession and has no money to go away to study so she just stuck with the job not that she didn't love it. Anyway this was Forrest life at her present age and even though she wasn't wealthy she was satisfied. Even though she didn't have her father, she had her sister, her mother and Alex and that was enough for her.

Elizabeth rose from her bed with sweat dripping from her face while startling her husband King Richard from his sleep.
"Got another vision honey" , King Richard asked.
"Yeah" ,Queen Elizabeth answered breathless.
"Do you want to talk about it? What was it about?"
"Let's just I think our kingdom will soon get a queen", she said.

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