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winter cup prompt/sample 1/15
Prompt for: Jan 15, 2016 (fyn)
Subject or Theme: Pick a color...explain it to someone who has never seen anything, ever.
Use the specific color only in your first and last line. Convey the essence of the color.

Word(s) to Include: a color, intrinsic(or any derivatives of these words)
Forbidden Word(s): 'color', taste, feel, touch, smell,
(or any derivatives, compound or hyphenations of these words)

Additional Parameters: DO NOT describe it in terms of anything that a sighted person could identify with. For example with red...no stop signs, or lady bugs. Remember, do not use forbidden words ANYWHERE, including title or the brief description. At least 20 lines.

Interpretations: Movement in C

Let me give you yellow moments
in all their varied ways. Much
more than tang of lemonade or
gifted rose breathing, tis the scent
wafting a meadow of sweet grasses
early on a spring morning
when the dew still dampens your feet
and you can sense warmth on upturned face.

Violin in the hands of one who can coax
sweet, high notes that waver
on a breath, fading into yesterday. Yet, too,
that same instrument where the note
fails, goes sour, astray, awry
under untrained fingers. Turns garish, strident.
That, too, is one of those moments.

Freshly dried sheets from a clothesline
where there is soft breath of warmth
still clinging to cotton
or crackle sounds, popping and sparking
as pine sap sizzles; sounds adding to the heat,
and the wriggle of fingers warming
on a cold, snowy night.

Old pages in antique books that belonged
to your grandmother: rippled silk, full of the words
you love hearing read; intrinsic to your being
as poems slide and skim, tickled by memory,
awash in care. Or that slightly frustrated sound of a voice
when you don't quite get what they are trying
to convey and you shrug, frustrated too.

Moment of hesitation before a step off the curb
or when that expected wall is miscounted step away.
That pause before you first speak when response
is yet uncertain, even though you know better.
Nuance, variations on a theme. Deep within you
or a surface skim, intricacies and pure essence
define the unseen: but for me, these are yellow.

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