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by Logan
Rated: E · Poetry · Tribute · #2071971
For Rickman, Bowie, Lemmy, Pratchet, Nimmoy and Robin Williams among many others. Thanks!

Legacies need book stops
Beginnings, middles… ends
A chapter when the beat drops
A final chorus for lost friends
Verses for the intervals
That pad out the refrains
Legends take their curtain calls,
and swans sing out in vain
Crying in the darkness
In the vacuums left behind
In shadows stark and heartless,
its memories we find
Memories and music
Polished time washed pearls
Treasures formed so tragic
As time, it twists and swirls
From nondescript beginnings
Origins so bland
Some bat better innings
They help us understand
The beauty of the middle
The artistry it holds
Whilst bookmarks denote riddles
Impossible to solve
Impossible to fathom
With survivor’s guilt so strong
Be thankful that we had them
For the ride, we were along
So simple, yet so clever
The answers… just because
Don’t try to live forever
Try to leave something that does
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