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Just a free write based on a prompt.
Confusion permeated the air, painting the atmosphere with chaotic vibrancy. In front of the bare human lie three pies. Blueberry, Strawberry, and Poisonberry. The human wasn't completely awake. Nor was it completely asleep. It's thoughts weren't all there. More like the subconscious rising to the surface. A bit of exhaustion, somewhat of a sluggish mind.

The human knew its choices. Choose a pie, choose a consequence.

The Blueberry pie would reveal all secrets, past and future. All knowledge would be granted upon it's consumption. In consequence, all other human sentience would be channeled to the being which devours the Blueberry pie. Thus this human would never again be able to forge a connection with another being as the unlimited knowledge contained within would render all other unsentient creatures akin to spiritless machinery. Animals and humans alike would be caught in a mental stasis. The devourer would forever live in a realm of mental movement beyond that of those around it.

The Strawberry pie would grant physical power equal to that of all sum energy of the collective universe. Although this person would have fine control over the power, they will never experience physical rebellion from the world beyond them ever again. Every goal attainable, at the tip of their fingers. All rewards becoming like air, no more challenging to grasp than a breath. This person may experience a sense of wonder for a short time, but after the initial shock passes they may never experience “fun” again. The price for such power is an endless of depression.

The Poisonberry pie brings about the death of ego and with it an ultimate attainment of true peace. Not happiness, but harmony. Never again will this person feel an ill emotion – yet never will they feel the joyous ones either. True contentment at the cost of everything else.

To forgo the pie means to die. Refusing to choose is a choice in itself, it is death. Choose or life will be forfeit.

You realize you've been asleep. The human's awareness returns. You are that human.

What do you choose?
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2071990