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The torment of being in love with someone depressed that had no love to give
She cut me like she was broken glass
I guess she used the pieces of her broken heart
I felt the slashes tear me apart
But I loved her

She watched me bleed and tried to hold the pain
Feeling like a monster knowing she couldn't help but be this way
Everyday with her was going to war
But it was my heart that she left sore

She said she loved me with the pieces she had left
What about the one she stuck in my chest?
Or the pieces scattered in all the rest
And my body tattered for trying to amend the mess

I gave you my whole heart and you punctured it
Your remorse could not make it beat
But I knew what I was doing
I wanted this

I wanted to feel everything you could offer me
And only silently cried when I found your rib cage empty
So I gave you every last part of me
You gave me your broken pieces

You walked away with everything
I was left with shards that sting
I wanted to feel the depth of your being
So you left me with your nothing
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