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A post from my doctorhowlersnightmaresblog.wordpress.com.
Being new to this site I decided I would share with readers one of the Nightmares posted on my doctorhowlersnightmaresblog.wordpress.com site for you to enjoy. If you get a chance, check out my blog...if you dare!

This is an example, word for word, of what you will find on my blog:

A very special Nightmare especially for all the little kiddies out there. This one you will most definitely want to read to them over and over again.


Why is there a stab wound in you? It was not there when you went to sleep. Made you look. Didn't I? And, what is this bloody knife doing in my hand? Hey, I didn't put it there. I couldn't have. I have been dead for eons. Or, so the stories go. What am I doing in this old, grey, house of yours? I don't live here. I was entombed centuries ago. And, why won't that silvery, full, moon ever let me rest in peace?

Up to three-hundred-and-sixty-four nights a year I can manage to stay buried in my tomb just staring up at the brown dirt that covers my coffin. Happy as a lark. Being non-living has its advantages, like the peaceful existence it provides, and escape from the terrors of those still breathing air. Ones like you.

And, they call me a nightmare? That is just their big, fancy, term for creatures like me. Us real Undead. As you know, my closest allies have always been outcasts who walk the darkest corners of your mind. There is one behind you NOW! Scared you, didn't I?

In various shapes and forms, some of us mill about every time the sun goes down. You may not believe we exist, oh, but, we are very real. Just ask anybody who has had the misfortune of encountering one of us. They will tell you. Bet you have met us before too, haven't you?

Your worst dreams are some of the places we most often haunt. And, Mister Sandman is certainly in cahoots with us. He has been a long time acquaintance of ours. Those night terrors you have, you know what they are. Go ahead and honestly admit what you have experienced...if you dare. Say, "One of us."

That big, comfy, pillow you lay your pretty little head down on, and those covers you try to hide under, they won't protect you. All one of my associates has to say is "Boo!" and you jump up in an ice cold sweat. Oh, yes, that visit is very real, and you know it.

Some times, you even find us gathered around a table slamming ice cold brewskis down and scheming our little get together. One of the finest pleasures for us in all this hard work we do, is once we set our sights on you, there is nothing you can do about it. Scary thought. Isn't it?

In our world it is Halloween every night, and we know you have to go to sleep some time. It is when you do we may come prowling. There is no human life we do not stalk. We find your weaknesses and we feast on them.

Maybe it is the fear of drowning you have. Perhaps you are afraid to fall. Oh, we are carefully watching your every little movement just to find that little chink in your armor, because that is where we will readily attack! Knowing every human out there has some kind of fear brings such a wondrous, pleasant, smile to our faces.

Midnight is our witching hour. See her ride her broom. She can be anywhere in the world, just like us. Trauma is another one of our closest friends, because once you have a traumatic experience, that only opens the door to your dreams wider for us to enter. Your weakest times are our favorite ones to strike.

We are so real we can paralyze you with fright. Even little kiddies are vulnerable. Ever seen one of them running down the hall crying for mommy and daddy in the middle of a still, calm, night? You guessed it. That's because we have had too much fun terrorizing them.

While they are bawling their little peepers out, begging to sleep in the middle, we are in our realm of existence laughing hysterically at another successful invasion. Oh, don't be so blooming offended, you fuddy-duddy. It happens to the best of you. Doesn't it?

What about those of you who are all alone? What easy targets you make. You know we are getting near when you hear things go bump in the night. We will also identify ourselves through noises, like creaking stairs, and eerie feelings. Before too long you know we are on our way to get you!

Sleep with the lights on. It only illuminates our path much clearer. Say you are brave. Are you really? That is a challenge we look forward to. One of your human fallacies is "Music soothes the savage beast". However, music only excites us. Get's our creative juices flowing all the more. So, Rock On!

I see you rubbing your tired eyes with your hand. But, you are afraid to go to sleep now because you do not know who is going to come and get you this time when you do. We can wait. Nod off. That is all you have to do and you will be in our clutches.

Have you tried counting sheep? Works every time. Or, maybe even counting backwards from one hundred. My money says you won't get down to ninety before you are sound asleep.

A bloody knife. A strangulation. Or, maybe, just maybe, we will pull out all the stops for you this time. No apologies necessary. We have something very special for you the next time you go to sleep.

So, nighty-night!

Sleep tight my little munchkins!

Until next time -- Doctor I.B. Howler, Nightmareologist
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