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A poem about the importance of young minds and how they can change the world.
The Children of New

They come into the world as small balls of light
Smiling with pure, innocent delight
They first learn to crawl
Within a blink of an eye, they begin to grow
Quite a fantastic little show!

The child speaks in riddles
"Fiddle widdle tweety diddle!" they exclaim
Loud and proud they do proclaim
To the child, they are the rulers of their kingdom
To the adult, itâs an annoying imagination

Dreams come so easily to children
They enter and leave like a peaceful breeze
Some act upon the said visions of sleep
Others sit and wait for the dream to grow
The children of new are the creators of tomorrow

Watch them learn
Make sure they donât weaken or burn
Listen to their quirky imagination
They are the key to our succession
Cherish their hearts as if they are pure as gold
For they only need love in order to grow old

Children are our joy
Not some toy to destroy
Believe in the children of new
And maybe
Just maybe
The world will become less blue
By the children of new

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