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Flash Fiction.
I drummed my fingers on my desk as I waited for The Mushy Fly to arrive. Just then, there was a loud bing, and a notification popped up on my screen. The Mushy Fly invites you to a private chat, the message read. I quickly accepted the invitation, and then began typing on the keyboard.

"Did you find out anything about our target man?" I asked.

There was a brief pause, followed by another loud bing.

"Yes, I utilized some clone phishing to hack into the main system, then deployed our genius Hexagonal Train Cookies to get into some password-protected documents, and discovered that his real name is Clyde, and that he lives in the USA."

"Well done," I typed. "Anything else?"

"Yes. It took me weeks, but I finally bypassed the main firewall via extensive malware and Vivolavivian Viruses. When I did that I also found out that he is 22, and a local composer."

"Great," I replied. "Anything else? It's okay even if it's small."

"Actually, I did undergo one more process...." he typed. "When I did so, I found out that he has 2 kids, Reagan and Richard II, and a wife named Cynthia. They live in Tallahassee, Florida on 14th Street. He hacks for the Federal Hacks Union. I also discovered all his passwords for pretty much everything. Plus, he has a pet hamster named Vince. He brushes his teeth once a day, and showers twice a week. He owns a million dollar Chinese antique. Also, his cell number is 515-333-6784. And his social security number is 378497209."

"HOW did you find all that out???" I typed.

I pulled out a pencil and paper, and got ready to write down the most extensive hacking method known to mankind.

There was a pause, another bing, and I looked up to read The Mushy Fly's answer.

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