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by Whisky
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Erotica · #2072229
Free! Foot Fetish Fiction between Nagisa and Aiichiro
After a grueling day of swimming practice for the upcoming finals, sixteen-year old Nagisa Hazuki returned back to the Samezuka dormitory. He wearily shrugged off his gym bag onto the floor and Nagisa slipped off his white shoes as he walked into the room. “Ugh!” Nagisa groaned tiredly as he plopped down onto his bed, and throwing a pillow over his face.

Aiichiro was on the computer when Nagisa wearily walked into the small bedroom they shared together. The young sixteen-year old turned around in his seat, “How was training Nagisa-kun?”

“Fine,” he said with his voice muffled by the pillow over his face. Nagisa lied there for a while, occasionally kicking the edge of the bed with his foot, until he finally sat up with a jaded look on his face.

Aiichiro knew all too well that something was bothering Nagisa-kun and most likely it had something to do with his friend Haru-chan. He got up from his chair; Aiichiro’s bare feet were silent as he walked over to the bed where Nagisa was laying. “Is there something I can do?” Aiichiro said timidly as he sat down beside Nagisa's socked feet.

Nagisa stared at the teen with questioning eyes and he knew that Aiichiro was only being considerate. “I’m fine Aiichiro…don’t worry about me.” He said letting out a fake yawn. “I’m tired anyway. Nagisa turned on his stomach and relaxed.

Aiichiro let out a soft, defeated sigh as he looked down at the floor. He always tried to cheer up Nagisa-kun whenever he was in one of his dark and brooding moods, but he always failed miserably in doing so. Aiichiro’s eyes wandered aimlessly until they ultimately came across Nagisa's socked feet lying beside him. He suddenly found himself blushing as Aiichiro longingly stared at the socked covered soles.

Nagisa noticed him staring at his feet. “Aiichiro, why are you staring at my feet?” he said pulling his feet away.

Aiichiro nearly jumped up into the air when he heard Nagisa's soft voice. “I was wondering Nagisa-kun if I could massage your feet to help you relax,” he asked sheepishly.

Nagisa hesitated at first and for good reason! He didn’t like anyone touching his feet because they were ultra-sensitive, but he saw no harm in letting Aiichiro rub his feet. “Fine…” Nagisa said almost reluctantly as he draped his feet onto Aiichiro’s lap. “But don’t do it so hard,” he warned threateningly.

Aiichiro was simply overjoyed! “Thank you, Nagisa-kun. I promise I will be gentle,” Aiichiro said as he eagerly took Nagisa's feet into his hands. They were perfectly shaped beneath the thin pair of socks he wore and Aiichiro was surprised than even for an athlete his feet felt amazingly soft as his fingers pressed softly into the moist socked soles.

Nagisa suddenly let out a few muffled giggles; however, he quickly covered his mouth upon hearing them. He then hastily removed his feet from Aiichiro’s hands and hugged his knees close to his chest. “I am sorry, Aiichiro. I’m tired let’s get some sleep.”

He barely started massaging his feet when Nagisa suddenly yanked them out of Aiichiro’s lap. “Did I do something wrong?” the young teen asked worriedly as he looked at Nagisa who seemed a bit more nervous than he did. Once again, Aiichiro’s attempt to cheer up Nagisa failed, and he felt miserable and frustrated with himself. Aiichiro then suddenly remembered that Nagisa was awfully ticklish, particularly his feet.

“No,” he stuttered nervously. “Just tired, that’s all.” Nagisa said as he lay back down on the bed and covered his feet with his blanket.

Aiichiro was usually a timid person, but he became bold when he yanked off the blanket exposing Nagisa's feet again. “What’s wrong, Nagisa-kun? You’re not ticklish are you?” he said grabbing a hold of his ankles.

“N-no. So can you let me go please?” he said pulling his feet back.

Aiichiro grabbed his feet again and he smiled mischievously as he slowly peeled off his socks until they were bare. Nagisa's toes curled reflexively as the cool air brushed against them and Aiichiro heard his friend give a nervous shudder of discomfort as his bare soles were now vulnerable.

“What are you planning on doing?” he asked nervously. His red eyes widening.

Aiichiro simply responded by softly flicking a single finger up Nagisa's left foot.

“Hehehe…stoop. Please lehet mehehe go.”

Aiichiro ignored his friend's desperate pleas and he started raking his fingers into Nagisa's helpless bare soles, starting at the base of the heels and stroking over the soft, supple skin to the base of the toes.

The stroking of the heels was horrible. He started to squirm a little. As he moved up to his soles, Nagisa started to laugh loudly. “NOHOHO. AIHIHIHI-CHAHAHAHAN! STAHAHAHAP!” Nagisa tried to flip over and grab his arms. His efforts were cut short when Aiichiro stroked his fingers under the base of his toes. The feeling was unbearable. “HAHAHAHAHA! THAAHAHAHAT TIHIHIHICKLES!!”

Aiichiro grinned as he watched Nagisa writhed around on the bed, his head shaking from side to side as he continued to pour out hysterical fits of laughter. Aiichiro forced his fingers between his friend's toes and slid them back and forth, gently tickling in between the hypersensitive toes.

“YOHOHOU NEED TOHOHO STAHAHAHAP!” he giggled scrunching his toes. This prevented Aiichiro from tickling between his toes. “Stop, Aiichiro…please stop.” He begged while breathing heavily.

“No,” Aiichiro said smiling as he began tickling Nagisa's soles.

Nagisa screamed his head off. He bucked and struggled as Aiichiro scribbled his fingers hard over the teen’s heels, and deep into his arches, which made Nagisa explode into more uncontrollable laughter and his entire body was completely drenched in sweat. After a while Aiichiro was starting to get a bit bored of flicking his fingers up and down Nagisa soles, as fun and soft as they were, until he thought of something more devious! Aiichiro then lowered his face to Nagisa sweaty soles and pressed his nose against the arch.

“AHAHAA…NOHOOHO!” Nagisa laughed while flailing about on the bed. He suddenly felt Aiichiro’s nose touch his feet. “Wh-What?!” he exclaimed.

The smell of Nagisa's sweaty soles was simply intoxicating and licking his lips Aiichiro opened his mouth and extending his tongue he planted a nice, long lick over the left sole of Nagisa's foot! His feet tasted amazing! Aiichiro began licking all over his sweaty bare soles, giving both feet alternative licks, and he then slid his mouth over the wiggling toes and gently began sucking them like little treats.

“AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! IT MAHAHAKES IT SOHOHO MUCH WOHOHORSE!!” he yelled flailing around. When Aiichiro sucked greedily on his toes, he slammed his hands repeatedly on the bed. “OH MY GAWD! BWAHAHAHAHA! SO SENSITHIHIVE!!!”

Aiichiro continued to suck eagerly on the delicious wiggling toes while he used his fingers to rake deeply into the soft tenderized soles, making the tickling sensations for Nagisa even worse!

“AIHIHIHI-CHAHAHAHAN PLEHEHEASE! I HATE YOHOHOU PLEHEHEASE STAHAHAP!” he laughed as Aiichiro sucked on his toes. He then felt his solitary fingers stroke at his smooth soles, and that’s when he lost control. “AHAHAHAHA NOHOHO PLEHEHEASE!! STAHAHAHAP. THAHAHAT’S TOO MUHUHUCH! I HATE YOHOHOU SOOO MUUUCHHH!!”

Aiichiro thought Nagisa-kun has had enough tickling and he slid his saliva covered toes out of his mouth. He gently lowered Nagisa's feet onto his lap, not before giving the smooth soles a few playful licks with his tongue. Aiichiro then grinned happily, he really enjoyed tickling his friend's feet, but the younger teen soon found out that Nagisa wasn’t all too happy having his sensitive feet licked and tickled like that.

“Thank you, Aiichiro…hahahaha!” he got interrupted with the licks. “You better be glad that I’m too tired to fight back.” Nagisa said wearily as he lied down on his back and started breathing heavily. Once his started breathing regularly, he looked at Aiichiro. “Do you have a foot fetish or something?” Nagisa asked questioningly.

Aiichiro sighed in relief. He was glad Nagisa wasn’t all that mad at him for tickling his feet. “You’re welcome, Nagisa-kun.” He then blushed with embarrassment when Nagisa asked him if he had a foot fetish. “Well, sort of, yes.” Aiichiro said shrugging as he ran a hand through his hair.

Nagisa let out a sigh. “Want to do it again?” he asked putting his feet back on his lap. “They’re size 12’s.” Nagisa flashed a grin and started wiggling his toes.

“Really?” Aiichiro asked, surprised by Nagisa's sudden willingness to have his feet licked again, and he watched as his firend's placed his feet onto his lap again. The young teen found himself blushing like a schoolgirl as he watched Nagisa's toes wiggle almost hypnotically in front of him. “But why? Won’t it tickle you?”

“Yeah. I guess you don’t want them anymore.” Nagisa said removing his feet from his lap. “I’ll just keep my size 12’s to myself.”

“No, wait!” Aiichiro quickly said grabbing ahold of Nagisa's ankles. “It would be a pleasure to worship your size 12’s again.” He brought Nagisa’s right foot up to his face and wrapped his mouth around the big toe and softly began sucking on it while he softly massaged the sole with his thumbs.

“Good,” Nagisa said allowing him to suck on his toes. He then giggled a little as Aiichiro massaged them. “You want to play a little game?” Nagisa asked yanking his toe out of Aiichiro’s mouth. “It’s called toe wiggling. It’s really simple. All I have to do is wiggle my toes and as long as I continue to wiggle my toes around you can worship them. However if I stop you can tickle them until I start wiggling my toes again. Sound good?” Nagisa asked smiling.

“Sounds like fun,” Aiichiro said grinning broadly. He picked up both of Nagisa's feet and fingers wiggled menacingly at his bare soles. “Ready when you are, Nagisa-kun.”

“Kay!” he said wiggling his toes.

Aiichiro then licked his lips and began lapping gently at Nagisa’s tasty soles and delicious wiggling toes.

“Hahaha!” he laughed wiggling his toes around a tad bit faster. He began to suck harder on his friend's toes. After a few minutes, Nagisa eventually grew tired of wiggling his toes and eventually stopped. “Sorry. That doesn’t count right?” he laughed nervously.

“You stopped wiggling your toes, so actually it does count.” Aiichiro grinned as he began skittering his fingers all over Nagisa’s slippery soles to which he was rewarded by the sound of his friend's beautiful laughter. It was like music to his ears!

“AHAHAHA I GOT TIRED!! IHIHIT TIHIHICKLES!” Nagisa laughed as he failed around wildly. He was laughing so much and so hard he forgot to wiggle his toes to make it stop.

“I didn’t make the rules, you did Nagisa-kun!” And when Nagisa started wiggling his toes again, Aiichiro began gently licking at his irresistible soles, and as a result elicited a few surprised moans from Nagisa.

Nagisa was initially shocked at his reaction. “Aiichiro, what did you just do to me?” he asked.

Aiichiro pulled his mouth away from Nagisa’s soles. “Do what?” he asked, slightly confused.

“You just made me moan. What did you do to make me moan?” Nagisa asked curiously.

“I think I hit a sweet spot,” Aiichiro said grinning. “Here let me show you.” His tongue delved deeply into the soft flesh of Nagisa’s sole.

“G-Gyah!’ he moaned. “B-But it doesn’t tickle!” Nagisa said biting down on his lower lip to stifle shameful moans.

Aiichiro smiled as he continued to slowly lap at both of Rin’s soles, making soft slurping noises as he did. The young teen was so enthralled in licking his friend's feet that he completely forgot about their little game. Aiichiro then began tickling at Nagisa’s vulnerable soles with the tips of his fingers.

“KYAHAHAHA. STAHAHAHAP!” he suddenly cried and started wiggling his toes. “HAHHAA! I’M AHAHAHA WIGGLING MY TOHOHOES!”

Aiichiro didn’t stop tickling his feet; instead he started raking his fingers deep into Nagisa’s soles, which were bright red from the constant tickling.

“BWAHAHAHAHAA! IHIHIT COUNTS!” Nagisa exclaimed wiggling his toes at a faster pace. After a few minutes went by, Nagisa fell into silent fits of laughter.

“You sound tired, Nagisa-kun. Do you want me to stop?” Aiichiro asked. He then lowered Nagisa’s feet gently onto his lap and Aiichiro rubbed softly at the soles, but it didn’t exactly have the soothing effect that he intend for Nagisa.

The teen’s eyes widened in surprise. “AHAHAHA….” Nagisa howled loudly before falling silent once more."Would you like to play another game?" Nagisa asked. "I will rub your cock with my feet and when you came in under 2 minutes you have to clean them. Then you will switch sides" Nagisa said.
Nagisa started to rub his feet against Aiichiro's cock. He got hard in an instant and began to moan. Nagisa smiled and let his small cock slide between his toes. "Ah-ah-ah-Nagi-saa" Aiichiro said as he came onto his feet. "1 minute and 53 seconds, good but you lost" said Nagisa. Aiichiro began to lick his cum, off from Nagisa-kun's feet.

Aiichiro gave Nagisa’s soles a few more playful tickle before he lay down beside him. "Are you sure Nagisa-kun?" Aiichiro asked. Nagisa took his feet and placed them at his cock. "Try to win Aiichiro-kun" Nagisa said. Aiichiro smiled and let his toes massage Nagisa's cock. "Really-go-od Aii-chiro-kun but you -have to get bet-ter" Nagisa said. Aiichiro let a lick run across his feet and rubbed them against his cock again. He placed his feet at his cock and began to lick his toes. "That's bet-ter Aii-chiro-kun" Nagisa moaned. "I can't hold it" and Nagisa took Aiichiro's feet and began to fuck them. "Nagisa-kun" Aiichrio whispers. Nagisa came onto his feet. "1 minute 49 seconds, I won!" Aiichiro said happy. “It’s pretty late, we have practice in the morning.” Aiichiro said as he gently caressed his fingers through Nagisa’s sweaty bangs.

Nagisa was completely breathless. When he finally stopped tickling him Rin couldn’t answer him, for he was out of breath. It took him a while to breathe regularly again and he replied, “Yeah, it is kinda late.” Nagisa leaned in close to the younger teen and it appeared as though he was about to kiss him. “That means we have a lot of time to do “stuff” together. Like for instance…tickling you!” Nagisa suddenly grabbed ahold of his foot and reaching for Aiichiro’s hair brush, he started rubbing it furiously against his bare foot.

For a brief moment of happiness Aiichiro thought Nagisa was going to kiss him, but he completely caught by surprise when his friend suddenly grabbed his foot and with a menacing hair brush he started tickling Aiichiro’s soft pale sole. The younger teen immediately exploded into uncontrollable laughter. “NOOOOO NAGISA!!! STAAAAWWHPP!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!”

“Yeah, it doesn’t feel good does it?” Nagisa smiled evilly. “Karma’s a real bitch!” he said rubbing it faster. He stopped for a few minutes then started again this time rubbing the brush at his toes. “We will be here all night, hehehe.”

Aiichiro should have known better that Nagisa was going to take his revenge on him after tickling his feet. And now he was paying dearly for it! Aiichiro writhed around on the bed as Nagisa mercilessly tortured his helpless bare soles!
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