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A different kind of Fairy Tale. This one is from the planet of Hollon.

Meeting the Three Little Wolves1 First

     Chris2 and Monica ran toward a wooded area when Monica suddenly stopped. “We can’t go in there.” “That’s where those weird animals live.”

     “We have to go through there to get home.” “If we don’t we are going to be late for eating.”

     “I don’t want to be late again either, but I also don’t want to go in there.” “I’d rather be late than to go in there.”

     Just then it started pouring down rain. Before Chris and Monica knew it they ran into the woods to get out of it. The trees in that part of the woods were thick in both structure and density. It’s very difficult for them to move, and it didn’t take them long to get separated from each other.

     Monica used a big tree to protect herself from the rain. The leaves above her kept the rain from falling on her – until it got too heavy and the water splashed down on her. That made Chris, in the near distance, laugh uncontrollably until something similar happened to him.

     Chris got pretty good at ducking under the trees, using the leaves and thick branches for cover. He got under one and started scanning the area. Where are you? Chris thought. He had just found her when she got drenched. A few seconds later a thin branch broke – and landed on Chris’ head. Now it’s Monica’s turn to laugh outrageously.

     They met at a tall thick tree in between them. “We can’t stay here,” said Monica.

     “I know,” responded Chris. “We have to find some kind of shelter from this storm.”

     “Are there even any structures in here?” Monica asked.

     “I’m not sure about structures, but there are some caves near here.” Chris first pointed in one direction and then two more.

     “We aren’t lost already – are we?” Monica asked.

     “Of course, we aren’t.” “I know exactly where we are.” “It’s this way.”
Chris grabbed Monica’s hand and led her deeper into the woods. They used the trees, the branches and the leaves as best they could as they stumbled through the dense terrain. Once again, it’s Monica who suddenly stops as they neared a clearing. When she did she pulled Chris, who’s slightly ahead of her, back into her.

     Just like it began the rain stopped. Chris and Monica stood at the edge of the woods. In front of them was a large clearing, and in the center of it were three small structures and a larger one behind it.

     Playing in the poodles in front of the small structures three young Wolves chased each other, splashed one another and just had fun playing in the pools of water. They appeared to be about the same age as Chris and Monica - thirteen and twelve respectfully.

     “They don’t look too scary to me,” said Chris. “I think we should try to make friends with them.”

     “Are you crazy?” “They are human animals.” “Now that the rain is over I say we head home.”

     “I don’t think it’s over yet.” “We are just in the center of it.” “look at the sky.”

     The wind had picked up, and there was Heat Bolts flashing across the sky. Chris continued. “I think we’re going to still need that shelter, and the only shelters I see are right in front of us.”

     Before Monica could say anything else Chris grabbed her hand again – and stepped into the clearing. Suddenly the wolves stopped playing and looked at the two humans. They screamed and ran into the three structures behind them.

     One structure appeared to be made of stray, the center wood and the last brick. A big gust of wind blew the stray structure into scattering pins and needles. The Wolf within it barely got out of it in time.

     That Wolf just got into the wood structure when a Heat Bolt struck it. A fire broke out, and that structure went up in flames within a few seconds. The two Wolves within it ran out the back just before it burned completely to the ground.

     Chris and Monica had watched it all. They even saw more Heat Bolts streaking across the sky. Some of them headed for land. Suddenly the rain began again. That time even heavier, and they stood out in the open. Chris and Monica looked at each other – and ran toward the third structure.

     The three Wolves within didn’t want to let them in. They held their bodies against the door, but it wasn’t enough. Chris and Monica pushed their way in. “You’re not going to eat us are you?” Jessie asked?

     “Of course not,” said Monica. “We just want to get in out of the storm.”

     Jessi introduced herself as well as her two wolf friends, Gregory and Brandi. She also announced Henny Benny and a mouse that lived in there too. Chris and Monica greeted them with their names too.

     “The sky is falling.” “I told you the sky was going to fall upon us.” Henny Benny raced around the room in a panic. “The sky is falling.”

     “Don’t pay him any attention,” said Jessi. “He acts like that every time there’s a storm.”

     Next to the mouse stood a mouse-size structure. The Gingerbread Mouse was eating it. “That’s why we call him that.” Gregory said that after noticing Chris and Monica staring at him.

     “He’s always doing that,” said Brandi. “We have to bake him a new structure every week because that’s all that he eats.”

     “You can stay here until the storm passes,” said Jessi. “If you don’t mind being among some dangerous wild animals.”

1I am only using these words because they are part of today’s Prompt. They
 aren’t the names they use on the planet of Hollon.

2Chris is short for a much longer name. All the names are three to five times
 longer on Hollon – depending on how short they are.

The Word Count, including this line, is 997

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