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A comical look at ADHD.
Top Fifteen ADHD Fails

(1) Finding the ice cream you've been missing in the dishwasher.

(2) Showing up at your Doctors appointment 24 hours late.

(3) Finding your cat in the refrigerator, (meowing).

(4) Dropping your kid off at the wrong school.

(5) Locking yourself out of the house when checking for mail.

(6) Finding you've left your car lights on while fishing at a remote lake.

(7) Driving fifty miles for a medical test, then finding out you forgot the order form.

(8) Mistaking your hair removal creme for your hair conditioner.

(9) Warming your tea in a friends microwave, in their non-microwavable, metal trimmed teacup.

(10) Sending an "ass selfie" to your boss by mistake.

(11) Dropping your car keys in the campground "Port-a-potty" poo hole.

(12) Feeding your neighbor's kid a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, then finding out they're allergic to peanuts.

(13) Forgetting your 10 year old never learned how to swim.

(14) Backing out of the garage with the door closed.

(15) Thinking you took "the pill" but OOPS! 

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