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by Rhyssa
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the plot bunnies are out tonight
the plot bunnies are out tonight.
they burrowed in
and turned my well ordered dreaming
into a tangled mass—
a labyrinthine jumble
of impossible characters
and improbable endings.

my muse saw what they had done
and mutinied, leaving
in a burst of dragon fire.
the back draft of his wings
sent me cart wheeling down
a new bunny warren,
and I was lost
in the bowels of my mind.

did you know that I know
sixteen thousand nine hundred
and forty-seven different
ways not to begin a story?
I tried them all, tonight.

in the tavern,
while drowning my fingers
in pickles and hot chocolate,
the plot bunnies intruded.
I never knew
there were so many ways
to get stuck. the maple syrup didn’t help,
and we will not discuss the wad
of chewing gum they left for me
to track through a try
at postmodernist fiction.

they multiply,
replenishing themselves on a steady diet
of fever dreams and bad ideas
until my fingers ache with
hitting the delete key.
no story
to show for my pain. I need my dragon back.

so, if you see a my muse, flying
off in a huff, muttering
under his breath about fools
and distraction
and diarrhea of the keyboard—
beg him have a pity
and come home.

line count: 45

Prompt for: Jan 19, 2016
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