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We lost a founding member to The Eagles. This is a tribute to Glenn Frey.

Take It to the Limit

     Norith and Bowanne stood in front of a large group of fifty males and females. “A lot of you have asked us why we call our touring company Take It to the Limit,” said Norith. “It’s because the limit we can go at the moment is the edge of our Solar System.”

     “Over the next week we will be visiting all ten planets in our Solar System,” continued Bowanne. “You will have one month on each one to see everything you can see.”

     “I, we, know that you can’t visit the whole planet, but you can see most of them with the help of our Transfers and your Portable Transfers,” said Norith. “We will also tell some of the best places you might want to visit too.”


     A couple ascended back up into that room through square holes in the floors. The chairs they sat in sealed those holes snuggly. Norith and Bowanne could see about half the couples had returned. They also saw that one couple at a time came back the same way. Once everyone got back Bowanne asked, “Did everyone have a good time on that planet?”

     “I had a peaceful easy feeling while visiting that planet,” said a male groupie after Bowanne selected him once she calmed down everyone talking at once. He’s not the only one who felt that way.


     Everyone bounced up in their chairs a little, including Norith and Bowanne who sat in front of their tour group, when their ride came into orbit of the next planet to visit. An image of their new planet could be seen on a large Viewing Monitor behind Norith and Bowanne. Norith and Bowanne both stood up, but it’s Norith who spoke to the group.

     “You need to be warned about the planet below.” “It’s not a bad place, but Life in the fast lane is how the people of that planet live.”


     One couple at a time descended from that room. Norith and Bowanne said, “I hope you all have a good time” and “Have fun” respectively to each couple as they left.

     “Take it easy is one of the sayings they have on that planet.” Bowanne also said as they descended too.


     Norith and Bowanne sat in their chairs in an empty room. They had turned then around to desks that were behind them. Each one working on something with the Data Monitor on their desk. In front of them, on the Viewing Monitor, chaos could be seen. A lot of fighting, fires and explosions happened behind an Announcer trying to talk about what was going on behind him.

     A loud explosion made both Norith and Bowanne look up at the Viewing Monitor. “It’s one of these nights that anything can, and will, happen.” “I just hope none of our group is in that part of the planet,” said Norith.


     “What does it mean when someone says they have lyin' eyes?” Asked one of the groupies after returning from another planet.

     “It means that person shouldn’t be trusted,” said Bowanne. “Why did you asked that question?”

     Before the groupie could answer Norith spoke. “Most of the inhabitants of these planets are friendly, but there are a lot that aren’t.”


     Walking among the couples Norith and Bowanne talked with their group about the latest planet they just returned from. They started out with the same question of did they have a good time. Then it progressed from there. The latest ones dealt with something personal.

     “I can't tell you why I am feeling the way that I do.” One groupie said to her mate. “It just happened.”

     “It doesn’t happen a lot, but romance can happen on these tours.” “I thought you two were just good friends,” said Bowanne.

     “We are,” said the mate. “It was just a shock to me when it actually happened.”


     An image of a beautiful female stood on the Viewing Monitor. In the center image she looked straight ahead. The two images on either side of the center image were side views of her. Along the bottom, scrolling up, gave everyone looking at it her statistics.

     “If you see this female on your visit to the planet below stay away from her,” said Norith. “She’s a very, very, very dangerous desperado.”


     Norith and Bowanne each had a list in their hands. They had one with every planet they stopped at. One had places the groupies should go to – and the other told them of places they shouldn’t visit. Each one took turns telling the couples the next place on their list. It was Bowanne’s turn to speak.

     “The one place you want to spend some time at is Hotel California.” Bowanne looked down at her list just before she said that.

     “Why is it called that?” Asked a female groupie.

     “Every tour we give ask that same question,” said Norith. “We don’t know the answer to that, but we think it’s a made up name the owner of the place created to attract visitors.”


     “We have one more planet to go to on our tour, and some of you might not want to go there.” “They aren’t as advanced as the other planets are,” said Bowanne.

     “It’s not as bad as it sounds,” responded Norith. “We understand if you don’t want to go there though.”

     “What my Co-Guide doesn’t want to tell you is that there is a Witchy Woman who lives there,” said Bowanne. “If you just stay away from her there shouldn’t be any problems.”

     “It is all up to you,” said Norith. “You can go down for a visit if you want to do that.”

     “We can head back home right now, and be there in a few hours,” said Norith. “The decision is up to you.”

     The groupies talked among themselves for about a half hour. Then they announced their final decision. It’s unanimous. They want to visit that planet first.

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