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The other side of the poem 'Shadow'
Dawn. My eternal enemy.
Both benefactor and bane of my existence
Dragging me kicking and clawing back to the realm I despise
The realm of light

Why must you torment me so, oh sun?
Are you a sadist?
Does it give you joy to see me suffer?
Do you laugh as I hide behind my captor?

Immortal prisoner tied to such useless flesh
Would that I were bound to a creature of the air
Then I could soar, at least on the ground
Instead I am shackled to this mortal fool
Who cringes and quakes in the darkness

Such is my lot, my burden
It could be worse
I could languish, attached to a mere thing
A tree or rock or tombstone
Only existing to hide from the light
To never move from that single place

Day after day…

Year after year…

Eon after eon…

All the levels of hell could not compare to such torment
To simply exist, dependent on another that simply exists
Ever unable to end

Yet there is one hope
On moonless nights
When darkness creeps over the world
Our shackles


And the world knows true terror

Line count: 34

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