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Grag had found pure Torgain. He's not the only one who knew about it though.

A Wealth to be Taken

     He looked down at the cold, grey stone. Grag bent down, and picked it up. Rolling it around in his fingers Grag examined it from all angles. “This is definitely pure Torgain.” Grag said to himself out loud.

     That stone laid on the dirt alone when Grag found it. Now his foot got covered by a lot of stones that came out of a large hole in the cave wall. Grag scooped up a hand full of them into his hands. “It looks like wealth to me.”

     The other stones continued to trickle out of that hole. Grag watched as the trickling finally stopped after about another minute. Glancing down Grag saw the stones that covered his feet almost to his knees. Shaking his feet scattered the stones. “There’s enough in the dirt alone to make me the wealthiest person on Yetha.”

     Grag lifted the stones in his hand to his nose, and took a deep breath. “It smells cold, but I sure don’t feel it.”

     After tossing the hand full of stones back into the hole Grag started scooping the remainder of the stones in the dirt – and putting them back in the hole too. Grag used one hand to pick up the stones, and the other one to keep them in that hole. “This is the Find of all time.”

     Once done Grag touched the white gem embedded in his left hand with a finger from his right. A large light shined out of that gem. Grag used it to scan the dirt for any stones he missed. He found several. “I can’t let even one stone out of that hole.”

     Grag tossed the rest of the stones into the hole. Then he touched the red gem in his right hand with a finger. A small red beam shot out of that gem. Grag used it to create a diagram of that cave system on a fallen structure beam near him. Once finished Grag placed it against the blue gem in the center of his forehead. It instantly disappeared. “Now only I will know where to find this Find.”

     Before he sealed the hole up to make it look like the rest of the cave wall Grag stepped back. After about a minute he used his left hand to turn the gem in his right hand a little. Then starting at the bottom of the hole Grag started moving his flat against the hole/wall upward to seal that hole with a wide beam of red light. “No one is going to find this Find but me.”


     Just before exiting that cave Grag fell back into a near darkness behind him when six Laser Bullets hit the top of the cave entrance. For several minutes Grag did nothing. Then he quickly ran to one side of that entrance. Grag placed a small cylinder about two inches long and around a finger thick. He squeezed both ends toward each other. A green glow covered it. “WHO’S OUT THERE?”

     Grag placed a similar, but flat on both ends, cylinder below the other one. He tapped only the end away from the entrance. Taking a quick glance outside Grag ran to the other side of that entrance. Grag set up another flat ended cylinder opposite the other one. He also tapped that one too. “IS THAT YOU CORRELLA?”

     Crouched behind a thick tree near the cave entrance Corrella kept her Long Weapon pointed toward Grag. “How did you know it was me old friend.”

     Taking another peek around the cave entrance Grag tried to see where the voice of Corrella spoke. He looked right in her direction. Grag thought he saw her, but it’s only a couple of branches swaying in the slight breeze. “I can smell your body odor from here.”

     Corrella looked through a hollow cylinder at Grag. She couldn’t see him very well because of him hiding from her, but every few seconds he glanced out that entrance. “You always did have a good Smeller.”

     Crag stood flat against the wall next to that entrance. He stared down the cave tunnel in front of him now. “What do you want Corrella?”

     Lowering the tip of her Long Weapon Corrella kept her weapon raised, but she lowered it a little. “I know what you have found – and I want half of it partner.”

     Not saying anything for several minutes Crag finally spoke. “Why should I give you anything that I might have found?”

     Corrella raised her weapon back up to eye level. She had trouble holding it steady. It shook in her hands. “Because if you don’t I will kill you, and take it all.”

     Grag took another peek around the corner of that cave entrance. “If you kill me you will never find what you are think you are looking for.”

     No longer using the tree as cover Corrella advanced toward the cave slowly. Corrella now had two Hand weapons. She constantly had them moving as she continued on. Only paying attention to what was in front of her she didn’t see a large rock in her way until she tripped over it. Her head landed right in between the two cylinders opposite each other. When it did a red beam of light came out of them to bore a hole through her head. As she headed toward the ground she spoke her last words. “This should have happened to you.”

     Seeing her death Crag dropped to his knees in front of her. “It was only supposed to stop you, anyone, from getting in here until I told the world of my Find.”

     using the white light gem Crag shined it on a large cylinder pointed at the entrance. “It’s a good thing I recorded all this or I would be in big trouble.”

     Grag stepped over to the round ended cylinder and squeezed both ends. Which made the green light disappear. “I’m glad I recorded all this talking too.”

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