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Truth hurts too much to be tolerated, but it's going to happen anyway.
I'm sure almost everyone is familiar with the term "a sobering fact." I've seen it all over the place in people's writing, where a "sobering fact" refers to a fairly negative mental experience brought on by a quick reality check or realization of something which only denial or ignorance had previously defended against.

I recently lived to tell the tale of acknowledging a "sobering fact", and by recently I mean within the past half-hour. Said fact was served to me along with my third Long Island iced tea at the local dive-bar, when I unintentionally eavesdropped on a conversation between to other patrons regarding someone who had died, a young person. In this day in age (especially around here in the fine slum of Chicago), one would expect an intentional overdose, homicide or suicide, and of course a car wreck at the very least from someone under the age of 40. But no, this was a random disease that took the poor bastard (I never caught the name of either the individual or the ailment). It got me thinking about my own boyfriend who was also suffering from an entirely nonsensical illness for someone his age, the end result of which was only a matter of time and/or funding for treatment.

But I shall digress, and revert back to my point: the sobering fact. As I sat there, pondering the conversation I have just overheard which pretty much forced me back into the world I went to the bar to try to ignore in the first place, the idea of such a fact became quite clear. It's the kind of comprehension about the godforsaken world and reality around you which renders you perfectly capable of driving yourself home, no matter how many shots of rum you've poured down your pathetic throat. It instills willpower and longing to feel sorry for yourself at home, safe and warm in your own bed, watching "Casablanca" for the eightieth time with a cheap frozen pizza in the oven and your favourite childhood doll stashed discreetly beneath the covers beside you.

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