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January 2016 Blogging Bliss Newsletter - the Unofficial Newsletter for Blogging on WDC
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January 2016
Issue: Thirty-Seven

This issue is rated ASR per WDC's "Content Rating System (CRS)
NOTE: Items linked in this newsletter may be of a higher rating.

Publisher/Editor-in-Chief: Wordsmitty ✍️
Editor: Fivesixer
Proofing Assistant: QueenOwl ~ A New Day Dawns

Table of Contents image

1. Editor's Note
2. Featured Topic
3. Editor's Picks
4. Welcome
5. Blogging News
6. Blog Events
7. Special Item
8. Miscellaneous

Editor's Note image

This Month's Editor: Wordsmitty ✍️

Hello to the beginning of the fourth year of the Blogging Bliss Newsletter . It's good to start a new year, and I hope you all are back blogging away, at least, every once in a while.

When the year starts, so do a lot of bloggers. There's a big list of new and restarted blogs in our Welcome section. Please show them all a great WDC blogging Welcome.

As the year ends, it's time to look back at 2015 and find the WDC items that you think are the best and nominate them for The Quill Awards . If you don't know about them, this month's feature will give you a little intro and how you can be part of recognition of WDC members' efforts by WDC members.

Of course, we have good blog entries picked for you to read and included an interesting one from outside WDC that everyone should read.

Let us know what you think by an email, a review, or posting in the Blogging Bliss Newsletter Forum . That's also a place to get answers to blogging questions or making suggestions for this newsletter. Also, if you'd like to write something for us, just let me know. Sharing your take on a blogging topic is always good since that's the whole idea behind blogging.

Keep on Bloggin'!


Featured Topic image

It's very important that you take immediate action before the end of January. Nominate an item for The Quill Awards  - The Quill Awards: 2015 Nomination Form . It isn't just for blogging. Look at all the categories and think about what you've read over the last year and really liked.

The Quill Awards  are done by WDC members for WDC members. It is not run by WDC. It is independent and done in the spirit of WDC to help and recognize those among us who have grown and polished their works here on WDC.

The Quill Awards  are going on their 9th year. Perhaps you have seen an item with a Quills image as a nominee or winner and wondered. Maybe you've never heard of them. Maybe you've gotten a notice that you've been nominated but ignored it. If so, now is the time to find out and participate.

The Quill Awards  could be explained in detail here, but we have linking (that I've made rather obvious), and you should read directly for yourself. Please take the time to check them out.

The Quill Awards , in a nutshell, takes nominations, sorts and arranges them, judges or collects votes, holds a live ceremony where it announces winners who get major prizes like awardicons, GPs, Merit Badges, and an image logo plus bragging rights of being part of The Quill Awards .

The Quill Awards  also needs volunteers to help. It's a big thing and ever getting bigger. If you can't spend time, then blog about it. Keep the word flowing.

The Quill Awards  also needs GPs to be able to award prizes. You can donate or even sponsor an award, or your group or groups can sponsor an award. If you're holding an activity, support them.

The Quill Awards  Best Blog Award is sponsored by "Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise, "30-Day Blogging Challenge, "Blogging Circle of Friends , Grieving Lyn, and of course "Blogging Bliss Newsletter.

The Quill Awards  past winners are great reads and so will future winners. Read and review them yourself. Just click the link to find links to more about them.

Editor's Picks image

Please note that some blogs are restricted to Upgraded Authors and higher.

Welcome Image

We'd like to welcome the new bloggers, old bloggers starting a new blog, and blogging restarting their entries in old blogs after a break.
Please note the rating on each blog.


Go check out all of them and leave a welcome or welcome back.

Blogging News Image

CONGRATULATIONS to 30-Day Blogging Challenge  November Winners:

1st                            Prosperous Snow Globe for entries in "Melting Snow
2nd                           amyjo-Keeping it real and fun! for entries in "Invalid Item
3rd                            SandraLynn for entries in "Sandy Supposes....


CONGRATULATIONS to Blogging Circle of Friends   Blogger of the Week:

*STARR* December 27, 2015 - January 3, 2016 - David the Dark one!
*STARR* January 3, 2016 - January 9, 2016 - ~Lifelessons~
*STARR* January 10, 2016 - January 16, 2016 - Autumn

Blog Events image

There's always blogging things happening. Check out these:

"30-Day Blogging Challenge by Fivesixer. February is an Unofficial month. Grieving Lyn and Brother Nature will be hosting a fund raiser for the 30 DBC. That means lots of fun with more flexibility and good practice for March when competition really heats up. Sign up now or join in when you can.

"Blogging Circle of Friends by CJReddick support BCOF 2192096. Always on. Join and get daily prompts plus chat a spell at:

Blogging Circle of Friends Conversations  (13+)
A place for BCOF members to hang out and chat!
#1909700 by Grieving Lyn

"Blog City ~ Every Blogger's Paradise by Grieving Lyn. Take up residence or just get a second home to receive blog prompts and enjoy community events. Stop by City Hall for:

Blog City Building Permit  (E)
Blog City Building Permit
#1779478 by Grieving Lyn

"The Soundtrack of Your Life Challenge by lizco252 will take your blogging into the musical realm with its 3rd Annual Competition. Only once a year, so get your tunes in order by February 1.

"Invalid Item by ~NightOwl~ has a different type of prompt that every blogger should give a try and only requires once a week entries. Plus great prizes. Starts August 2 so hurry over and sign up.

"Three Daily Beams of Positivity by Fran 🏅🇬🇧🇬🇧🏅 works well for a blog and is a great way to raise your attitude.

"Welcome To My Reality Forum Rhonda provides prompts for the week to help get you and your life events down.

"Blog Harbor from The Talent Pond Sail in with Jeff to even more blog prompts and fun.

Special Item image

Blogger's Tips-N-Tricks

Hey! I'm bored doing this every month, so I'm taking break. Fortunately. last month there was a blog prompt about blogging tips. Here's some for you to read.

         "Blogging tips by Steve adding writing to ntbk.
         "Tip a Canoe And Krypton Too by Geoff
         "Tips for Blogger and Kryptonite by Prosperous Snow Globe
         "Invalid Entry by amy-Looking Forward
         "Tips for bloggers and my kryptonite by ~Minja~

There'll be a test next month to make sure you paid attention.

Miscellaneous image

*StarB* Are you editor material or would you just like to help with the Blogging Bliss? We're looking for editors and guest writers. As part of the staff, you get all the pleasure out of bringing to readers great blogs you've read, spectacular ideas you have about blogging, and magnificent news from blogging activities all the while improving your writing craft beyond just putting words on a page. And it's a lot of fun.

Please let me, Wordsmitty ✍️ or one of the other editors listed at the top know, and you too could see your byline distributed across WDC.

*StarB* Do you have a question or a topic about blogging? We'd like to hear your feedback and comments on our newsletter. It's very important to us to know what you think. Plus you may get your blog featured in a future newsletter. *DELIGHT*

Blogging Bliss Newsletter Forum  (E)
Discussion of ideas and suggestions about blogs and the Blogging Bliss newsletter
#1911857 by Wordsmitty ✍️

*StarB* To read the blogs of WDC members, please go to: Official Blog Page  .

*StarB* If you have a blog entry that you'd like to promote, whether it's yours or someone else's please visit: "The Blog Board (may also be accessed under Things to Do and Read).

*StarB* LOOKING FOR GUEST WRITERS: If you think that you'd like to be a guest writer for our newsletter, please let us know because we're looking for YOU. Please contact: Wordsmitty ✍️ or any of the editors listed at the beginning.

*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB*


We thank you for your readership and we'll see you next month.


*StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB* *StarB*
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