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by Aska
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a how to train your dragon fanfiction about a girl {my OC} with mysterious powers.
{I own only my OC}
3rd P.O.V.
Eric walked though his fort. He was delivering food to his captured dragons. Once he left, in one of the cages not a dragon' but a person in a cloak' sat. This person said, "Not long now Black, soon the real adventure will begin."
Valka's P.O.V.
I looked ahead, we were approaching Drago's fort to rescue more dragons. As we approached the fort, the Alpha emerged out of the water and destroyed everything except the cages where we knew there would be dragons to rescue. I landed Cloudjumper next to the cages and started picking the locks until I came upon a NIGHT FURY!!! I quickly picked the lock and approached it slowly. It backed away but then again it probably had not had very good experiences with humans, I thought. Then I realized there was one more cage. As I took a closer look, I saw a person in a cloak! Probably a person sent from Drago so I could rescue him only for him to tell Drago were the nest was, I thought in disgust. I turned to leave; I wasn't going to fall for this trap. I heard the person yell, "What about me?! " The voice sounded feminine! But I wouldn't let that bother me, so I said to the mysterious person, "You will just hurt the dragons more." "no I won't!!!",she sead. I could hear anger and frustration in her voice, probably frustrated that Drago's plan didn't work. " You are a person not a dragon. No one else understands dragons like me, I sead. I was about go when I herd the night fury shoot something. I turned around to see what it had blasted only to see the boy/girl SITTING on the NIGHT FURY!!! "Your not the only dragon rider, there are MANY more. she yelled. I didn't now what to say, I had ussumed she was a enemy, and now she mit achely be one, all because of me, I sead nothing.
Mysteryes persons P.O.V.
I was so angery. she just assoumed that she was the only dragon frend! forget rider!! she thought she was the only person who understood dragons!!! anyway now that i'm free I can get reveng on Erit. Ha!! and he thot he could get away with shooting me and my best frend out of the sky. "Lets go get a little reveng on Erit. Shall we Black?? I say to my dragon, Black Wind. And with that we flew off. As we circuled the remans of the fort I spot Erit staring at it in disbelief. "Erit!!!" I shouted in the most angery and smug voice I could manig. he terned around looking YERY stiff. this was going to be fun.
Erits P.O.V.
I herd the escaped prisoner shout my name. I could hear the anger in her voice. I terned around feeling VERY stiff and why wouldn't I be? my fort just got destroyed, my dragons stolen and a stranger and her NIGHT FURY about to get reveng on me. Once I acshuly turned around standing next to her dragon with her hood pulled over her face. she slowly lifted her hand, ICE spikes traped me were I stood!!! " I'm the ELEMENTAL FURY! she shouted. I didn't now what a elemental fury was but she had just made ice spikes surround me, and at the same time trap me, so it must be some thing powerful. I thought as she flew off, on her Night Fury.
mysterious Girls P.O.V.
Oh! his face was priceless! Anyway now I finely get to the nest! I was so excited!!! I thought as I caught up with the other dragons. I was still mad at Valka but I had calmed down a lot. I looked up to see that we were approaching the nest. it was so much bigger then when I had sean it before. once we went through a network of tunnels we arrived inside. it was amazing!!! grass, ice and dragons!!! it was mor then amazing, it was beautiful. as I looked around I saw the perfect place for a cave, it already had a ledge. I guided Black there.

To be continued
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